• I can't rest
    my heart beats too quickly.
    my breath is heavy,
    my eyes are wide.

    I can hear them coming.
    they race the stars,
    they are getting closer
    they are running hard.

    Are they coming for me?
    or will they have mercy.
    this might be my last few minutes
    i must choose quickly.

    Shall i run for the hills?..
    or do the heavens call me?
    to the basement?..
    or to the eternal fires?

    They are almost here
    I can feel their presence.
    my mind is going
    in a thousand different directions.



    It's peaceful here
    now i rest easy,
    my eyes can close,
    my breath is steady.

    Wait a minute!!!
    i can't hear a sound,
    there's no thumping..
    my chest is still.

    So is this heaven?
    am i really dead?
    the vicious ones got me..
    i was their latest kill.

    what if i am dreaming
    and i wake up tomorrow..
    will that happen
    or is this real?

    that hurt
    my pinch did sting..

    So i guess this is it..
    at least im not in hell.
    i could get used to this.
    but it's way to quiet here.

    So this is what it's like to be dead...
    i should have ran..
    i should have hid.