• I'm the monster under your bed, the boogeyman in your closet.
    The killer in the movie, and I hope that you don't pause it.

    I'm the bully at the school, who's in your worst nightmare.
    You don't know who I am , and I've got you pulling your hair.

    You may try and guess, but you'll never get it right.
    You'll be checking off names, and sitting up all night.

    You can look, and you can stare.
    But oh, no, you won't see me dear.

    I'm hiding and I'm waiting for the the time to be just right.
    Then I'll come to you on silent paws and give you a big fright.

    I'm incredible and indescribable.
    But more importantly, I'm the:
    Chocolate Snow Leopard Waiting For You In Your Bed.