• A stranger, a stranger,
    thats all he seems to be,
    he acts like a stranger
    especially around me.
    Where is that boy??
    Oh that boy, that boy,
    the one who wwould never changed.
    That boy who told me
    his love has no range.
    I suppose maybe its my fault,
    that boy, that stranger probably thinks,
    but if he looks inside he'll see,
    nothing but a few minor kinks.
    It would have hurt if that boy, that amazing boy was the one who put me down,
    but oh that stranger, that stranger does nothing to me now.
    That boy was nothing but a memory,
    whom I see when I'm asleep.
    Now I'm moving on without a key,
    its hard but its a necissary leap.
    A stranger, a stranger
    thats all he seems to be
    but now hes no longer a problem,
    because I'm getting back to me.