• Can’t you hear my voice anymore, see my face, touch my heart?
    Looking at the past, watching the stars, listening to music –
    I can’t tell if I’m hurting right now or if I’m just reminiscing
    Wondering if you’ll tell me, tell me you love me yet again
    If you tell me you hate me, I’ll pretend to understand
    Though I’d feel like a speck of dirt lost in an abyss of blacks and whites
    And the grays in between the life that I’m “living”
    Listen to me lie to you and never hear my heart cry
    Because I’ll always love you, forever and always, for eternity
    Even if you tell me to get over it, I’ll never fully understand freedom
    Because I’m all messed up like a tangled up marionette
    Won’t you tell me what you’re going through, throw me those words,
    Kill me bit by bit with the hatred you hold for me,
    Or will you completely ignore me like a doll staring forward?