• I watch my children through these windows of my home.
    Sunlight pours down upon them in the day.
    The warmth protects them from the harsh cold.
    Moonlight shines upon them in the night.
    It accompanies them wherever they go.

    I protect them, for I am their Father . . .

    But lately, my heart has been filled with sadness, painful and lonely.
    My children squabble all the time, bickering back and fourth.
    My heart is sore, black and blue.
    I feel like they have deserted me.
    Like apples that have fallen from the tree.
    Oh how I wish they would stop fighting.

    I love them, for I am their Father . . .

    Why do they fight?
    Did I favor some over the others?
    I miss my children, all of their beautiful smiles.
    They shined like the sun, full of warmth and glow.
    Had I let them down?
    My home has become black, dark and cold.
    This place wasn't meant to be so cold.
    Like ice, I sit here frozen watching them.

    I've been broken, but I am their Father . . .

    Many years have past, now I sit here, quiet and disappointed.
    I've tried to save them from the hell they've put each other through.
    Yet they want to find another father,
    Another idol,
    Another role model.
    There is no belief anymore, so I sit, watching them destroy each other.
    Blood, violence, hatred.
    Brothers and sisters, all of them, they all loved each other at one point.
    Fallen far away from me.

    I've become disappointed, but I am their Father . . .

    Tears have fallen from these aged eyes,
    Like the cold rain.
    My heart hasn't been relieved.
    There is no love for me anymore.
    They sing to me and give me their faith,
    But can i believe it?

    I've become cold - hearted, but I am their Father . . .