• Archippos

    Standing statuesque
    scars rattle the misshaped body
    it is her that leaves nothing to worry about
    but all to worry about at the same time
    to hear her voice
    the tone sending an tingling sensation down the spine
    the only voice to whom a warrior of his caliber will listen to
    when he is weak
    she makes him strong
    when poor
    one is rich
    to what makes a coward
    is born bravery and savageness
    for whomever tampers with whats his
    he will surely and undoubtedly rip to shreds
    appointed a god of a vessel
    he consider himself nothing but a mere explorer
    to which he which to explore every nook and cranny
    every street and road
    every house and home
    only with permission does he do this
    never to pillage what isn't rightfully his
    to be without his country
    would bring the hardened man to tears
    for she is all that is left for him
    he be the blade to her shield
    even the hardness vaguely fades
    only for her
    he lowers his defenses
    hoping to never be hurt
    he roars his country name as he has pleasure in doing so
    only to hear the yells of his name echo
    in one look of her vast country side
    he knew he had found home
    her flourished fields and well toned homes
    a marvelous beauty from which to be told
    he knew he could finally rest
    because he found the sanctuary he fought for
    his guard lowered he attempts to rest easy
    but for when the raiders wish to pillage and ruin whats his
    he becomes enraged seeing red like a boar
    his soft hands becomes hardened fist
    his relaxed body is no longer relaxed
    for he is ready to stand and defend whats his
    whether it be madusa or athena that stands in his past
    he fights with his heart the battle never lasts
    eyes burning with blood red flames
    scars seem vibrant as he take of no names
    on his bronze skin the scars glow gold
    one must fear because the soft warrior begins to grow cold
    and as he take up his armor and blade
    he yells "there will be hell to pay"
    even if lost the love is never gone
    even in death she will bare his son
    battered and beaten he remains the victor
    because the love that's there wasn't rendered
    to the raiders,the vikings, or the romans
    the love belonged to the to of them
    The God and the country
    and as he gaze upon her
    he says lowly
    "I love you dearly and my loyalty is with you"
    "if they come between us i'll show them the truth"
    "you are mine and i am yours for all eternity"
    "i'll love you forever for you my heart bleeds"
    "my blood, bone and flesh is yours to command"
    "whomever don't like it i don't give a damn"
    "even the gods will envy our love"
    "because its not of their plains it is above"
    "i'll love you until i die my loyal queen"
    "thank you for the safety for what i have seen"
    "i more than appreciate what you do for me"
    "i just never get a chance to say it you see"
    "You are my country and i be your king"
    "let us remain merry and let our children sing"

    Long live Meade sanctuary for Archippos