• get This straight
    I'm not your friend
    And no I never did pretend
    To hang with a bunch of posers
    Thinking they have all the power
    ...But you act like someone who is alone
    Who is as hard and cold as stone
    Because you thought fitting in was the only way
    To escape the "nerdy loser" days
    But you are fake
    For your trying to take
    Yourself away
    Cuz you can't stay
    As the person I thought you'd be
    But everyone can see
    That you are just a wannabe

    this is another poem by me

    quit the talking
    You can't put me down
    Cuz all your words just make a frown
    It doesn't affect me
    But it affects what people see
    ...That you are just a mean bully
    Who thinks she's all that
    Who wears all the fancy hat
    But never did we thought that of you
    Because we know you never had a crew
    Who thought of you together as real friend
    Who'd stick with each other till the end
    You felt the pain of backstabbing
    But that doesn't mean you have to be making
    Lies and rumors about others
    Because you'll stoop down to their level and become as an imposter
    Because you couldve started over again
    I was there when you needed a friend