• The eye of protection and the eye of greed

    Two creatures stand still, eyes showing their soul
    One eye full of lust, an eye full of greed
    The other full of protect, an eye that is proud, that is free

    The world full of war for the eye of lust
    Makes creatures strive for more
    The war of the world
    From the creatures with lust, they want more
    For them, and for them alone.

    While the one that is proud, the one that protects
    Doesn’t fight for themselves,
    for they fight for their friends
    They protect and fight when there’s no other way.
    They don’t want war, they don’t want death
    They want the world, the creatures to strive
    To fight and live on

    To have the peace that there once was
    Before the creatures wanted more
    Before they got the lust that shine in their eyes
    The lust that kills, the lust that thrives

    Their eyes like the others full of pride, full of protection.
    But for they eyes of lust the war it creates
    The creatures that fight, and create this war
    The creatures that kill, the creatures that die
    They fight and they kill while other stand by
    They watch this chaos they watch them fall
    The earth goes with them, and dies all around
    When they did nothing wrong

    It can’t move
    It’s stuck where it was, and it can’t run
    So it falls with the eyes of lust
    but it does not derives the death that they faced
    So in the eyes of protection that is something they can’t forgive
    They fight for their friends, they don’t fight for themselves
    They strike down the eyes full of lust, and stop it in its track
    And makes all eyes turn full of pride

    They defend with their life, and they defend with their soul
    To stop the fighting, to stop the war
    Two paths follow the end of the war
    A path full of death, and a path full of rejoice.

    If they eyes full of lust should prevail in the fight
    The world shall fall
    And the creatures shall go
    For the world can’t live
    With everything fighting
    Striving for power, and control it wants
    These creatures can’t rule for the world all around
    Would crumble and fall

    But if the eyes full of pride and protection should prevail
    The world shall be safe
    And begin its ascend
    To start again

    But the scars can’t leave
    And past can’t be forgotten
    The marks wont remove
    And the earth can’t stand the way it was before
    But the creatures will start over
    And give birth to more life

    Planting trees and leaves
    Covering rocks over plains
    Plains where the fighting, would always take place
    Where the death tells story
    Of their fight for their life

    How they were drawn into war
    For theirs had lust
    For they wanted more power
    They wanted more life

    The eye of protection will not fail
    For they don’t fight for themselves like the lust
    They fight for the others
    That can’t fight, that can’t defend

    Their soul can’t break, and their will won’t bend
    They don’t want to fight
    They don’t want to kill
    But to protects those it cares for
    Is something it does

    So it will fight
    It will kill
    If it means their friends
    Will live free, live well

    They don’t have a choice
    For this is what they choose
    They have eyes full of love not lust or greed
    For they knew well that the greed shall corrupt

    They are smarter than they look
    Wiser than they sound
    And if they should fall
    Worlds shall go
    Things shall die
    And Creatures shall fall

    The war kills
    The lust kills
    And in the end, the people kill

    One can’t see
    What another can
    For no creature has power
    To change one of their own
    Things fight for they show lust
    While things defend for they show love

    The eyes of lust
    And the eyes of love
    Shall clash and shall fight
    Until one shall fall
    One fights for themselves
    One fights for others
    But only one shall
    Only one outcome will come

    Death or life
    Corruption or Love
    War or Peace
    And Right or wrong

    Two creatures stand still, but finally move
    For they have no choice
    For they have no will

    They fight with love
    They fight with lust
    They fight with pride
    They fight with greed
    They fight to protect
    And they fight to lead

    Only one eye shall win
    Only one creature shall prevail
    Which will win
    Which will fall
    Only time may tell
    The outcome of this war

    But if one shall win, if lust shall concur
    Know death will come

    But if one shall win, if pride shall concur
    The world will have peace it once held before

    Which shall win, which shall fall
    This question only time may tell.