• I'm no good at at writing songs
    fairy tales or sing alongs
    I don't think I could even write my name

    I couldn't write a resume
    or to a old friend to say 'Hey'
    I'm a hater, hating on the game

    I feel but I'm not old
    Or at least that's what I'm told
    If life's a shed then I sure am a tool

    Just when...
    my words meet epic fail

    I'm with my friends tonight
    You say you feel alright
    Or atleast that's the way it may seem

    We've done this ran around
    back to the lost and found
    That's where I found your self-esteem

    And just like you said
    I'm living in my head
    Maybe I like being your fool

    Just when…
    Romance meets epic fail

    They say I try too hard
    And that I go too far
    I wonder if I'm even alive

    I pick my self up
    When the going gets tough
    I revive my self alive and find a life I'm looking for

    And when people get cold
    I don't do what I'm told
    I'm not waiting for life to start
    I've got a way to make my mark

    And definitely...
    I'm no epic fail