we lived together
we die together
is what you said that night
sitting there next to me
holding hands
looking at the sunset gleam
the wind blowing the trees
the leaves rustled
blowing down a tree
that layed on top of me
you standing there in grief
killed your self for defeat
you landed in hell
for i landed in heaven
unable to go near each other
not to hold a hand each others hand again
we bid fare well to each other
never to see the other again
i woke up from the dream and you did too
we sworn that we would die together
and so we did
on a boat ride to france
we fell over borad
not able to swim
you sunk and grabed my leg
i was pulled under
our last kiss was under the ocean
your last breath in the kiss
you gave me the breath and letted me go
i wanted to go down but you pushed me away
i float to the top
sobbing and trying to catch something to hold
i caught was you
blue and dead
i had so much dread
i wnted to get you back
but god would not let it i said here at the first place we met
under the hill where the flowers grow
i pictured you and me having our first kiss
you were my first
i was your second
you were my mintue
and i was your hour
both fitted to together in a puzzle
now you dead and gone
i wish for you at the same place
on that hill
and the same time you died
at 9:45..on the dot
i saw your ghost and wished i was there with you
but it wouldn't happen
you don't blame nothing on me
but i blame myself for the trouble..
i am sorry...for your death