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DrunkenStyle [HUGE]
Remember that journal entry about Ichijin Oroshi?
Well, something similar happened with DrunkenStyle.

So again, I present cold hard evidence... If it ever comes up. I'll try and leave my opinion out of it-- You decide who's at fault here.

So here's how it all started.
DrunkenStyle opens up rl commissions again. My friend tells me about it, and brings up that this might be a good time to contact DS about my more than year old commission.

So I do:
User Image

That was september 15, this year.
But he never did tell me he couldn't finish, just that it would be delayed. He also never gave me any "finished" sketches, Just sketches in general, some of which were watermarked. There were several PMs I sent him that he simply didn't read and sat in my outbox forever. In a few of them I begged him to just give me what he had already and I'd even finish the payment (Which was more than 15 bucks, by the way). But he never would reply to me, hardly ever would even read the PMs.

But enough of that.
Luckily I have (almost) THE ENTIRE PM HISTORY to show you (minus the outbox stuff he never read).
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image

These are all the screenshots I have. I'm not sure what happened after that exactly, I'm pretty sure I stopped trying after all my PMs just sat in my outbox for months on end without answer. There were PMs in between there but I don't think they were relevant considering they weren't in my savebox :unw:
Though I can't be sure.
Either way, he mentions he'll still finish the commission multiple times, so I don't imagine he'd randomly go back on that (with the way the conversation was going) in a PM in between the ones I have.

Here's all the stuff I got from him:
Ideas when we couldn't decide what we wanted.
WIP 1 We decided not to go with this one later (DS couldn't decide what he wanted to draw, and I couldn't decide what I wanted for a long time, but we were friends at the time so it was cool then)
WIP 2 This was the one he supposedly was coloring.

Please note that ANY OTHER art I have "From him" was edited BY ME (there's a journal entry someplace far back where I detail how long it took to edit out that WIP Watermark). I NEVER got these so-called "Finished sketches" he talks about, unless it's the concept sketches. And I don't think a "Finished sketch" I paid real money for should have a huge ******** WIP watermark on it. confused

I mean for what I got-- yeah, I GUESS Those are worth 15 bucks.
What I'm upset about is that first he's like "Oh it'll be done" then he goes back and says it'll be late, "But I'll definitely finish it" and then he's offering me a freebie and the next thing I know he's almost finished-- lined it and all and started coloring but OH WAIT LET'S NEVER CONTACT ME AGAIN.

Maybe if I wasn't strung around like a ******** yo-yo I wouldn't be so pissed over it.

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Community Member

Sun Oct 04, 2009 @ 04:13am

Q!!! I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS ALMOST YOUR BDAY!!!! Are you going to be my age (22) now??? I GET SO EXCITED WHEN PEOPLE ARE MY AGE biggrin

Anyways~ About your entry. You seem to have the worst luck with artists XD And I dont get why he was rude to YOU because HE couldnt keep his commitment D: If you ******** up you should say sorry, not blame the person you screwed over rolleyes Totally lame.

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