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Odd Q Dream
Most of my dreams play out like movies. This one did too.

It started out in this room. I think it was an apartment. They had gone to this room several times, and there was some sort of supernatural presence there. Like a ghost, but it always did the same thing. People would walk around and at a certain time, a girl would be crying in the corner and flash into people's vision, like a forced television broadcast into your head.

There was a pool table in the room. If you stayed in the room long enough, thing would happen, like objects being thrown at you, or if you were playing a game of pool, inexplicably you would do a move you don't remember doing, or falling over, or something.

For some reason, Q (the character) and two other people went into the room. Q'd never been in the room before, one of the men was the owner of the room and was proclaiming the ghost to be gone or something, and the other guy I think had been there before but didn't "believe in that stuff".

The room wasn't doing the things it normally did. But Q could see the girl in the corner of the room. He thought she was real. He didn't say anything, just stared, as if mesmerized. The owner (Don't know his name so I'll call him Bob) said that's where the girl normally say in the images, and the forced flashbacks would usually happen by now.

Q just stared at this crying girl. He finally managed to pull his eyes away, and opened his mouth to say something (because he doesn't believe in ghosts and s**t either) but passed a full length mirror, and once again found himself staring into it.

In the mirror, he didn't see himself, but rather the girl from the wall getting up, somehow morphing into a much older version of herself (from about 8 years old to 20ish) and wearing a nice dress and walking toward Q. She reached toward Q, as if wanting him. He backed away, now actually kind of scared, and he trips over a chair behind himself and ends up falling into it. The other two guys are wondering what's up. Bob wonders aloud if the place is still haunted and Q is seeing something. But he comments that no one has acted this way before, and it's weird nothing has happened to them yet.

When Q sits down, the girl comes from the wall (not the mirror) and walks over to Q. She sits next to him and starts feeling him up through his pants. Q starts to struggle, but a clone of the girl holds him in place from behind him, her arms around his chest and keeping his arms close. She whispers something into his ear and he's paralyzed.

The girl at his knees starts giving him a blow job. It's going on for a really long time and eventually bypasses creepy as ******** territory and turns into really awesome pleasure. The other two men are watching Q. To them, he's in a chair by himself blushing with a huge boner in his (somehow still closed) pants. They start to get worried now. The guy who is not the owner of the room-- we'll call him Mark-- was Q's partner or something. He starts to tell Q to snap out of it.

While these invisible young women are going at Q, a very real snake starts climbing up the leg of Q's chair. Somehow now Q's pants are off and his tail is raised. He ends up falling forward on his knees while the ghost girl still works his equipment.

Mark goes "Quatre Bornes! Snap out of it! Quatre Bornes!!" knowing that Q's full name usually gets Q's attention. When it doesn't, Mark comes forward and tries to get the snake away, but something stops him and he's thrown up against a far wall and pinned there by an invisible force. Bob on the other hand is caught staring at another mirror, though I never did figure out what he was looking at.

The snake crawls into Q's a**s and somehow winds up inside his testes, messing with his sperm. Do not ask me how the ******** this works. While the snake is doing whatever in Q's balls, a small exotic-looking fly flies into Q's ear and injects some sort of neurotoxin that basically strips Q of his personality and turns him into a werewolf that just really needs to ******** something (mentally. His body doesn't change at all).

The girl(s) leave him be and Q proceeds to go to the first people he sees (the men) and humps them, ejaculating snake semen into their asses (ikr? IT GETS WORSE).
Somehow wereQ realizes this wasn't exactly what the weird snake wanted and he goes out in the town, all feral and s**t and proceeds to go out and violently rape women on the city streets, ejaculating tiny baby snake eggs or something into their uteruses, where they grow fast and cause the women to go through all 9 months of pregnancy in a few minutes. But instead of giving birth, their stomach EXPLODES BABY SEX SNAKES EVERYWHERE.

Most ******** up dream ever. I blame the massive amount of alcohol I had last night. 4 double jack and cokes.

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Mythey Maysonia
Community Member

Sun Jul 11, 2010 @ 05:01am

What. The. ********.

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