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Leaving Tomorrow (hopefully)
So if the last journal wasn't emo enough, I now have more.

- I have random ants in random places.
I had absolutely no food when they showed up and when I did have food they completely ignored it. Weirdest places they've shown up? In my bedsheets, and inside my closed laptop. Wtf.
- I STILL have that cold.
- The girl I was going to have sex with that I mentioned in my last entry? Yeah, she led me on and is a total cocktease. There's more to it than that, but rest assured it's summarized pretty well by her leading me on, never intending for a 'fling' and me only being able to think with my d**k, apparently.
- My ID stopped working at the galley and the galley staff won't let me eat there anymore. Good think I'm leaving soon, I guess.
- I was supposed to leave wednesday(today). On tuesday I didn't have my plane ticket and went to Chief to figure out wtf is going on. He says I leave thursday(tomorrow) now. I still don't have my plane ticket.
- I both called and showed up at Chief's to figure out about this new plane ticket problem and he of course never called me back and expertly avoided my meeting him. I am now more confused than ever at what I'm supposed to be doing now. FML.
- I, somehow, forgot to pay my cellphone bill last month. When I got the reminder to pay it this month, not only did I have to pay this month, plus last month, but also late fees... My bill was $300.
- My brita filter is leaking so now I have random stillwater in my refridgerator.
- I am packing all my s**t, and I have JUST ENOUGH crap that warrants me getting a new bag... That will be mostly empty. FML.
- My macbook is overheating while hibernating. Good thing I bought a new laptop, I guess.
- Said new laptop is sitting at my parents house. In Georgia. I'm going to New York for leave.
- I only have 12 leave days. I needed 14.

And now for the mother of it all....

I emailed the Essex (the ship I'm supposed to go on in Japan). My Division Officer emailed me back with mostly news I was expecting, except THIS GEM:
The last thing I will point out to you is that this will be a challenging
tour, maybe the toughest you will have in your career if you choose to make
this a career. But it is also very rewarding, We are out to sea a lot and
therefore get to see many ports such as Thailand, China, Singapore, Vietnam,
Guam, Philippines, Australia and many others. Being on a Gator, you will be
able to also work above your pay grade, we have third classes that run work

So, not only will this probably be my most challenging tour (AND my first tour), but if I wasn't getting cold enough feet, now I'll be working above my paygrade.
I can hardly manage watching a damn phone, BELOW my paygrade, I highly doubt I'll be able to lead anyone.

Someone please kill me.
The more I learn about my duty station the more I think I AM NOT READY.
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Oh, and to top it all off, I have to live on the ship (which I was expecting) FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR before I'm allowed to even APPLY for housing.
I realized I was going to be living on board, but I guess the length of time that implied escaped me until now.

And I fall into the ocean
Inside of your arms
Taking me deeper where all the pain goes

With a smile into the ocean
Inside of your arms
Taking me deeper giving me new life

You are my whole life

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Community Member

Fri May 28, 2010 @ 12:18am

Yupp... the military is buried in bureaucracy. Putting the "crazy" in bureaucracy, maybe?

It's like the bigger any organization gets, the more likely it is to become a disorganization.

Good luck toughing it out?

Community Member

Fri May 28, 2010 @ 06:09am

D: Wow, good luck. Send me your new address in Japan and I'll send you letters smile

User Comments: [2]
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