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RP Samples
For quick linking, I has RP samples naow.

These were random first/intro posts pulled from random RPs. I didn't really bother to proofread them for excellence.


It was a dark hotel room, situated at the edge of the building. All the lights were off, the curtains were all closed, and sitting on the floor behind the scope of an M40 sniper rifle were two people.
Aside from a few whiskey bottles and open flasks, the hotel room had not been touched.

Of the two people, one was male, the other female. The male had grey hair and bright green eyes. A silver locket hung from his neck, with a green jem inside it. Normally it was hidden inside his collared, button-up, black-sleeved and red-torso shirt. But it had found its way out earlier, as the girl had been playing with it. It glinted slightly in the dark room as the man adjusted the aim of the rifle. His hands wore fingerless gloves. It was clear this man had no sense of fashion. But, compared to the girl, he was well-dressed. His dress pants were black, as were his boots. Aside from his premature grey hair, the only thing that could be awkward about him was the fact that, below his belt, a dark brownish-grey, almost black tail of a dog waved about haphazardly in a semicircle.

The woman, her skin so pale it probably could reflect moonlight, swatted at it playfully. The both of them were drunk, but the man - Q - seemed to be holding himself much better than the girl. The girl was an albino; so her eyes were an ugly pink. She claimed to be a zombie, and worked at a night club for exotic fetishes. She was off for now, however. Her hair was a wild forest green, and cropped to just her ears. It was almost as if she never bothered to brush or wash it. The bright green didn't stop at her hair. She wore a grass skirt and strapless bra, as well. Both the same shade of green. One could only wonder what her favorite color may be? Her name was Meru.

Q sat up, holding the rifle in place. "Here," he said. His voice was raspy. He was young, but anyone who heard his voice could tell he had been smoking profusely for the better part of his life. His alcoholism probably didn't help matters. He turned his head to face Meru's. He had tanned skin, black "whisker" tattoos on the bottom of his cheeks, and a diagonal scar across his face, which he attempted to hide by having his grey hair cover one eye.

"What?" The girl was giggly but still hesitated, putting a hand to her chin. "But I didn't think you were serious!"

Q grunted slightly. "C'mon. I said I'd let you come with me since you bailed me out. I brought you. I have aimed for you. It is all ready. All you have to do is pull the trigger. It will be fun." It was as if he were talking to a child, almost. "You will see his brains splatter everywhere. Isn't that what zombies like? Brains?"

Even though Q was smirking, he was still all business. He exhaled loudly through his nose and let one of his hands wander from the gun, waving Meru over. She obliged, sitting herself behind the butt of the rifle. Q carefully made his way behind her, guiding her hands to the right places.

"So, look through the scope. What do you see?" he urged her.

"Uhmm..." Her high pitched voice was almost annoying in contrast to Q"s prickley deep one. "Two men in suits. One has a hat. The other one's bald." She giggled at the word bald.

"The two lines that meet in the middle, they're crosshairs. When that is on the head of the guy with that hat, just pull the trigger." He leaned into her back. "But take your face away from the scope before you shoot, or else you'll hurt yourself."

Meru nodded, breathing loudly. "Will I really get to see brains?"
Q narrowed his eyes, trying to see into the scope from the distance behind her. He couldn't see much. "Yes. But pay attention. If you wait too long I'll have to do this for you." His voice was stern, as if he were becoming annoyed. "She'll mess up the shot before too long," he thought to himself.

"Then no brains?" She asked, putting her face to the scope once more.
"No brains," Q repeated dryly. He placed one of his hands on Meru's left breast with a snicker.

She pulled the trigger, the knockback frightening her to a point where she jumped and gave out a small shout, falling back into Q, who laughed.
The window in front of them shattered, and with any luck, Meru had just killed the mayor of a neighboring town who had come to Dexterity for 'business'.
Q gave Meru's naughty bits a slight squeeze before grimacing and pushing the girl aside, making sure she had killed the target. They would have to pack up and move quickly either way, but he had to be sure.



Jiden sat on a stool and looked into a microscope, watching cells on some slide move around.
He was only eighteen, almost nineteen, and this was the last thing his father had looked at before he died.

Jiden was trying to figure out if it had some special meaning, if there was some secret, or if it really was just a random slide of no importance. Like a homework project of one his father's students, or something. Robyn Sparx, Jiden's father, was a professor at a nearby university so looking over homework wasn't too uncommon.

Jiden frowned, and finally rolled himself away from the microscope, scooting over to the other side of the warehouse, following the long line of lengthy tables.
Half the warehouse was dedicated to biochemistry-- Robyn's work -- the other half was a bunch of electronics equipment. Some mismatch between an electrician and engineer's hideout. It was the remnants of Jiden's long ago deceased mother's profession and what Jiden himself had picked up.
His mother was an inventor, she brought amazing machines to help the medical field and a few nice advancements to the electronic technicians. Jiden was no where near to the intellectual level his parents were, and didn't think he'd ever begin to understand chemistry, but he did love electronics. He could take apart, repair or make better, then reassemble practically anything that ran on electricity.

Once he got to his own workbench, he ran a hand through his long reddish-brown hair, narrowing his green eyes as he made sure his hair was behind his shoulders.
Bending over a circuitboard, he picked up a flathead screwdriver and quickly went to place it over a capacitor when....


The warehouse door slid open unexpectedly, Robyn's intern-- Deliliah -- coming inside in a huff.
Jiden's screwdriver slipped, and the capacitor discharged into his arm.

"AUUUGH!" He fell off his stool and onto the ground, screwdriver still in his hand, his back on the floor.
A full second later, he managed to drop the screwdriver and put his hands down, them having been frozen in place before. He took in a few deep breaths, almost certain his entire life had flashed before his eyes and he'd had some sort of mild heart attack.

How much had been stored in that capacitor? He couldn't remember. What a stupid move, regardless.



Lori brought a can of soup to his face from the ground to examine it. Bringing the aluminum to his red goggles to get a better view, he let out a small "Hmmm". After deciding it was good enough for him, he stuck it in a dirty satchel that was held up by his shoulder.
Just then, he saw bumbling flashlights and heard a bunch of noise.
The Repo Men were chasing another one.

Lori sighed, his feathers for ears wilting a bit. He shook his head in a slow 'not them again' gesture. His head was covered in a yellow bandana which was wrapped around red horns. Lori had been one of the first to go for the anthro look, and had paid a massive price for it. He was beginning to regret it now. About the one thing that had proven useful was his fully mechanical left arm. It had at one time had skin on it, but after all the years of living on the streets it had been damaged and he didn't bother to hide his mechanical parts now.

Unlike most others, his parts were paid for. Of course, he had absolutely no money now and was struggling to live. Through his red goggles, he saw someone run into an abandoned house. His house. He hmphed. Now the filthy repo men would be all over it.

He looked around, shoving his long red scarf out of his face. He managed to find a large rock, pick it up, and throw it over to another street.
"THIEF!" He screamed. "They took my bag!!"

The bouncing flashlights changed their motion and lit up Lori, who now was pointing over in a random direction, away from his house with an agitated look on his face.
The repo men hesitated, but finally ran off in the direction Lori had pointed.

The 20 year old sighed and walked back toward the house some new runaway was stowing themselves in.

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