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Katchup is Catch up
Father may I be shown
The man I have inside
Be shown the way to swallow my pride

I tried
To lie
For the last time

I cannot hide the state
Of my mind
I cannot free what's in me
It's hidden for all time

Mother may I be shown
The right I have to cry
Be shown the strength I have inside

I tried
To lie
For the last time

Starting with an emo song. Good way to go back into old habits, I suppose.

I've not been suicidal since my last post, as far as I can remember anyway.
Next month I will have been in the military for a year.
I got orders to Japan. I'm going in August. I'm a solder tech. I'm still debating if this is what I wanted...
My 'soul mate' broke up with me because I wasn't a baby oven.
My dog just had a stroke and if she's not better by monday they're putting her down.
I have less than 7 days to pack up all my s**t to go to Mayport for C school.
I accidentally broke DADT yesterday, and now I'm fairly certain my chief thinks I'm less of a person now (Not worried about being processed out, though)
The one girl I think I can have sex with, finally, keeps getting ******** kidnapped by my two 'friends'.
They've forced me to take leave on wednesday and so for 14 days I'm going to be getting s**t from my parents about how I'm not visiting them before I go to Japan.
I just quit a guild I loved because I couldn't handle being called a three letter and four letter word(s).
I have absolutely nothing to do on Gaia to take up my time anymore.
My macbook is dying a slow death.
My tablet pen broke.
Pretty sure there's some rumor going on around the barracks that I'm a sexual predator now.
I have a cold.
Gifts and PMs don't go to this account any more and the other Q account (who's name is JUST "Q" ) is being a d**k and won't forward my s**t to me anymore.

On my way to the Nex to buy cough drops, I started to walk toward mental health to tell them I was unfit to go to Japan.
I'm still debating if rerouting myself back to my room was the wisest choice.

Yup, yup.
Emo journal.
Same old, same old.

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Community Member

Mon May 24, 2010 @ 07:59pm

Yerk. Gifts and PM's going to the wrong account? that's ******** up. (yeah, typical of me to latch on to the Gaia-centric aspect of the post first...)

I find it a bit hard to believe that it's been almost a year, but yeah. It's funny how different things were back then, and how things haven't really changed. And how cliches become so because they're so often true. gonk

The girlfriend of one of my roomies is dying to go to Japan on the JET program; she's on a wait list and won't hear anything for sure until December ... I should have told her to just join the Navy. She picked her college because "before the financial crisis" graduates from that school were shoe-in for JET. Not anymore; apparently they quintupled their registration this year. Whoops.

But I'm guessing you'll be on base? So it probably won't be as much of a culture shock, maybe?

Glad to hear that you've been improving, kind-of? Re-reading your post, though, maybe not so much. Bad things just tend to pile up, don't they?

But I agree with you on being out of things to do on Gaia. I visit a couple of guilds irregularly; not even SCAS much anymore since I finally permanently put someone on ignore there. It doesn't feel safe, it doesn't feel like home, and I'm tired of trying to fit in with a bunch of students and parents. :/

Anyways, I need to get back to work. Like, literally. Took 2 hours off for a dental appointment, which ended early, and now it's time to scram.

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