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jun 19 2010 - Drinks around the world at epcot
I wish we could pre-date entries in this thing.

Anyway, I had enough emo in here I figured I may as well put in some happy stuff.
This is copypasta:
I have an album on facebook but it's for friends only and ******** you internet peeps.

So I will direct link the most pertinent photos with a tl;dr explanation at the end if you are so interested in my trip.

I went with LDer Hana Matatako and his rl friend, who I will call Sem.

Drink #1 Strongbow in UK.
#2 beer in france.
#3 Sangria in Morocco
#4 lichiko shochu in Japan
#5 wine in Italy.
#7 wine in Germany (there is no #6. We were so drunk we miscounted lol)
#8 (really #7) beer in Norway LOL MY EYES
Sem passed out in Mexico
Raining at Epcot
Me & Sem soaked. We walked for 2 more hours in that.

Sem, Hana, and I are all, for simplicity's sake, FtMs (females crossdressing as dudes).
Sem only casually crossdresses and didn't get the memo or something that we were going to be guys at Epcot. I was wearing an extra bra (long story, I normally only wear one) so I offered to give him my extra one in an effort to do some ghetto binding. Hana's own ghetto binding was falling apart so what ended up happening was after eating breakfast at Epcot (we got there around 9am) we all went into the group bathroom and compromising pictures ensued. Hana was in control of the camera. I also saw Hana's tits. WOW FRIENDSHIP BUILDING.
Nothing like seeing some naked tits of someone you've only known for 24 hours LOL.
After all that, we decided that no matter if we passed or not we were going to "be guys" and we'd call eachother male pronouns and such.
After this was decided, Hana and I exclusively used male restrooms while Sem chickened out (kind of legitimately I guess) and went to women's still.
Noon rolled around and we started drinking around the world (after riding a few rides). We skipped Canada and the US because we both (Sem and I, Hana's under 21) hate beer. We started at the UK and had a hard apple cider thing at their pub.

From then on, we pretty much stopped everywhere. We skipped China because either we just plain forgot to stop there or they didn't sell any 'chinese' alcoholic drinks. I forget which.
In Japan, we ordered lunch/dinner. I had Unagi (eel). The drink there was lichiko shoju, which is kind of like barley vodka. It was the strongest drink of the tour. Up to this point, Sem and I had shared all of our drinks, doing half and half. After this, Sem bought his own drinks. So I was left with this.. REALLY STRONG thing to down. I ended up watering it down (About 50% more water) but I did finish the entire thing and, as evidenced by the mudkipz picture, was gone almost immediately afterward.

In Germany we stopped at a winery LOL (delicious irony. I wanted to break stereotypes!). By this point Sem had reached his limit and was beginning to pass out.
That's okay though, because in Norway So did I.

Speaking of Norway, we ordered some delicious dessert. It went well with the sushi.

Back in Italy, though, insert this cool picture with a when you see it you'll lol.

After Norway, we hit Mexico where Sem passed out for about 30 minutes to an hour. I decided to not drink in Mexico because I didn't want to drink tequila and we wanted to go to Disney world Magical Kingdom later.

After we had both sobered up and Sem was done with his nap, it started raining. We still went to magical kingdom though and rode all the "good" indoor rides: Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Buzz lightgear, space mountain, not in that order.
We were thoroughly soaked by the end of it.

But it was SOOOO worth it. cool

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