This can be used in a master/slave RP or the slave part of the story can easily be taken out for any other fictional RP.

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Name: Aro Hansford
Age: 23
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Personality: Rough around the edges but can have a soft heart, especially for those close to him. He doesn't particularly like being a slave, but he's grown used to the fact that he can't escape, so he's obedient for the most part. Though, he's not a complete puppet. Bisexual; despite his take-charge looks, when it comes to men, he's what the otaku's would call.. 'uke'.
How you became a pet: This specific slave was born into money. He had it all, but as most know, money didn't buy his happiness; he was lonely. He'd heard rumors of a 'pet' shop not too far from his home and figured it'd be nice to have someone around the house. So he decided to give this shop a visit. He wished he would have waited until morning. He'd been walking alone in the dark when he was attacked by what he soon discovered was a vampire. After what was hardly even a struggle between man and beast, Aro found himself on the ground, waiting for death. He lost consciousness and days later, awoke to an unfamiliar room. It was dark, it smelled like death, and.. he was in chains?? He soon realized he was in the same pet shop he was searching for, but as a pet, not as a buyer.. It soon hit him that he'd gone from a content, rich human to a poor blood sucker forced in slavery. He was even given a collar created to supress most of his new vampiric abilities and was told he no longer had a name. Aro doesn't find any reason to use all of his energy in a useless attempt at escape or fight back, so he takes the simpler path of obedience.