Name: Mika Evans; Noah Evans
Age: 17; 19
Race: inu (half dog); human
Height: 4'11; 6'2
Personality: Cute. Peppy. Happy-go-lucky. Clumsy. Friendly. Easily irritated when her height is brought up. Protective of her brother and doesn't usually like to leave his side; Quiet. Reserved. Protective of his sister, especially around men who show any interest in her. Kind but because of his lack of charisma and the fact that he never talks, he can be easily mistaken for being either stuck up or depressing. Shy. A little distant. Gets easily nervous and/or embarrassed around women, especially ones he finds attractive. His sister has a habit of trying to set him up with women without his permission, or trying to persuade him to ask a woman out.
Story: Noah and Mika are not blood related, nor are any of them adopted. When Noah was younger, he lived in a rich lifestyle with his parents. Mika was an orphan at a young age and lived on the streets. The Evans` found her and brought her in, taking care of her until she was well again. By that time, she had agreed to work for them--cooking, cleaning, etc--in exchange for food and shelter. Despite how they act now, Mika never liked Noah. In fact, she was afraid of him. The boy--who was twelve at the time--was always locked away in his room. When he wasn't, he only walked around when all of the curtains were drawn and the lights were off. Only ten years old, Mika was rather naive and thought it was obvious why he did this. She assumed he was a vampire. Of course, that had to do with his pale skin and red eyes, as well. She was too afraid to ask if it was true, so she was never told otherwise.
A year later, while they slept, the house somehow caught on fire. By the time Mika smelled the smoke, a whole room had gone up in flames. Not knowing what to do, she attempted to put it out, but it was much too big by that time. Surrounded by smoke, Mika eventually fell unconscious.
When she woke again, she found herself outside in the woods, the smell of the smoke from a watered down fire in the distance. Next to her was Noah, sitting under the shade of a tree, knees pulled up to his chest, arms around his legs, and his head down. Noah had rescued her from the fire but the house began collapsing before he could go back to wake his parents; he later found out they had died in the fire. Noah and Mika had nothing left but each other. The whole thing was such a traumatic experience for Noah, he stopped talking at all for months. Over time, not only did Mika become attached to the boy that saved her life, but she soon discovered he was not a vampire, but was Albino. The red eyes, the sensitivity his skin and eyes had to the sun, it had all been so easily explained. Not only that, but Noah started talking again--but to no one but Mika.
With no where to go, Noah and Mika travel together, never leaving each other's sides.
To make walking in the sunlight easier, Noah is always wearing black clothes from neck to toe, sometimes even including black gloves, and he uses a black umbrella to shield his eyes and the unprotected skin of his face.
Without a family, Mika was unsure of what her last name was. After the fire, she took on the name "Evans", as she began to see Noah as her older brother.
Mika blames herself for the fire; Mr. Evans was a bit of a smoker, but he was usually the one to empty the ash tray. While she was cleaning, Mika noticed he had forgotten and figured she would do it for him. She was too young to know any better when she dumped the ash tray in the trash can with a cigarette that hadn't yet been completely burned out. Noah claimed he overheard the firemen who put out the fire saying a lit cigarette caught the trash on fire which then spread to the nearby curtains, soon spreading all over the house. Worried she'll be blamed for his parents` deaths, she has yet to tell this to Noah.

Noah Evans
Mika Evans