Ok, so...I'm a Libra, and I found out that John-kun's a Taurus, since he told me his b-day, which is April 21st, 1990, I believe,(well, he's turning 17, so I think that's right o.o)so...I put in our signs in this thing, for fun...and look at what I got! (I think it pretty much describes us lol...that's why I found it so weird ;3)

You will enjoy the down-to-earth joy of the Taurus. Both of you love the beauty of nature, art, music, and design, but your Taurus lover might be more sensual than you. You tend toward an aesthetic and aloof personality coupled with a need for balance, especially in the area of relationships.

You strive toward cooperation, whereas your bull-headed partner can find it difficult to compromise for the sake of peace. Their stubbornness can be quite frustrating to you, for you may feel that you're always the one who gives in. If, however, the Moon in your chart is in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you can become a formidable opponent in negotiations with your immovable Taurus partner. He or she can offer you a practical approach to life that is simpler and more innocent than you have alone.

Since both of you have Venus as your key or ruling planet, pleasure rules your roost -- though it may be more mental for you and physical for your mate. Ultimately, if the two of you have common values that match, you can be happy together, for neither of you lives outside the perimeters of your standards and morals.

This relationship requires individual adjustment, but you'll have many a romantic night dreaming about all the beautiful things you can do together... heart