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Youkai-Seraph's Gaian Journal!!! =3
Well, I'm kind of unsure what to put in here, so I'm guessing it will be pretty random...well I like to write, so it shouldn't be hard to think of stuff...! ^^
Third Japanese Lesson! >=3
Yea, uh...I'm getting used to writing about what I have learned every day what Geena-san has taught me lol XD. I mean, it's not a bad thing to record, I just don't want people getting bored with what I have to say...

Well, whatever...I guess I'll give a summary of what I learned today during my Japanese "lesson" ^^!

Sooo...I did a little review, and Geena-san gave me flashcards of "a", "i", "u", "e", and "o" so I could practice knowing them in english and the Japanese equivalent, and vice-versa. Pretty simple, I'm getting better at writing in Japanese too. Let's see...after that, we had a small lesson on greetings and other words.

The first things I learned about was, well...I don't know exactly how to categorize these words, but they did make sense, when used in context. There was:

1. Kore - this (close to you)
2. Sore - that (close to person you are talking to)
3. Are - that (far away from you)

I guess you use these words to point and ask about certain objects that pertain to where they are. I'm sure we'll go over these, since, although I have heard them and how they are used, I have never used them myself, so...I would like to know more about them ^_^. I bet there are plural forms of these too, which I will probably learn about as well...since these are all singular, as you can tell (omg it rhymes lol).

I remember the next thing we talked about, greetings, consisting of:

1. "Ohayoo." - "Good morning." (informal)
2. "Ohayoo gozaimasu." - "Good morning." (formal)
3. "Konban wa." - "Good evening."
4. "Konnichi wa." - "Hello. Hi."
5. "Sayonara." - "Good-bye."
6. "Ja ne." - "See you"
(informal, add on "matta ashita." to say "See you tommorow.")

Er, I knew all of those phrases already, but it was a quick, concise review, and I can always use one of those!

Then I learned that "Hai." means "Yes." (which I knew already), and that "Ie." means "No." (which I also knew XD).

And then, I learned "Dooitashimashte." - "You are welcome.", which of course I knew, because that's what you say after someone says "Arigatou" (any form, I guess lol) to you.

Well...pretty basic, I knew a lot of the words we went over, but I know as we progress there will be plenty of words I will have never heard of, so I can expect lots of memorizing in my future (a near one, I hope...before I get old and am unable to memorize things correctly lol...just kidding)!

Anyways, that was my third official Japanese lesson, and I look forward to recording more of these (if not for the reader, but for me, as a reminder of what I have learned thus far XD)! So, see you next time! Sayonara!

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Foxy Pilot
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Jan 06, 2007 @ 07:58pm
Uke - Boy on bottom
Seme- Boy on top
Seke- Boy that switches from bottom and top

Yaoi <3

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