• The Little Red Umbrella

    One day a girl named Isabelle was walking to school as usual, finishing her work while talking to friends. At lunch time, one of her friends can and sat beside her. Her name was Talho. "Did you hear about this creepy story of a red umbrella?" asked Talho, "No, I'm not sure how a red umbrella could link to a creepy story, get your head checked Talho, I think you've been on the computer way to much." said Isabelle. Then went out side to eat luch, as they walked through the halls Talho was still trying to convince Isabelle that the story was scary, and that red umbrellas could be twisted to be scary.

    "Let me just tell you the story then, believe me, you'll find it scary too!" Said Talho, "Fine, tell me the story about the scary Red Umbrella!" replied Isabelle with a small giggle. Talho was happy and she began telling the story "Okay, one time there was a girl named Ruby, and she had made the best school project ever. She had to walk home cause her father was on a business trip and her mother was working. She had a cute red umbrella, so she decided that she could carry the project under the umbrella. It started to rain down harder, she was scared that she might drop her project so she never cared to look up, instead just stared at her project. She-" Isabelle interrupted "When does this story get not boring?" Talho a bit mad replied "I was just getting there but you interrupted!"

    Talho started again from where she had ended. "She was not focusing on the road or any of the other people. She thought to herself Oh no, what if I run into someone and my project gets crushed!! She now had to me more focused on her project. She thought the best way to get home was to run home through the forest, cause no one would be there. So she turned and made a run for the forest. When suddenly, she couldn't move. She had run right into a ditch of thick sinking mud. she had cared more for her project being safe under the red umbrella, that it was blocking her view and she ran into a ditch of mud. The lighting had started, she was in panic mode. All her struggling made her sink faster, her project was still in her one hand above ground. The lightning had hit the trees right above her crushing her arm and body into the mud. There laying right beside her was the red umbrella and her project, half crushed."

    "Was that it?" asked Isabelle, "Was that it?! That story is scary, today is supposed rain and thunder! And you have to walk home!" yelled Talho. Isabelle sighed "Well, when reality checks into your head, call me." Talho worried about Isabelle quickly yelled "Call me when you get home, just sop i know you're safe!" Isabelle just gave a wave, which in her language meant 'sure, whatever I'll do it'. When school was over, Talho had already left, it was just Isabelle and the rain alone. "Dang it! I forgot my Umbrella!" She glanced over and saw and umbrella, she noticed it was a red umbrella. A little nervous to use the umbrella, she managed to pick it up and open it. "Well I don't have a project so what could go wrong?" thought Isabelle. She started for the door, when the rain started to pour very hard on the the ground.

    Nervously she ran out, rushing to her house, then she slowed down. Think how stupid she was for being scared to the rain, and even the story. "If I just stay on the cement it's okay." She continued walking when the thunder started, she could see the thunder in the sky. "Hmm, for my safety should I just walk in the rain with no umbrella?" She thought. She decided to continue using the umbrella. Right in the blink of an eye, she walked right into falling tree. She had gotten crushed under a tree just like Ruby. Little did she know, that was Ruby's red umbrella she had used.

    Later that night Talho called Isabelle's house, her mom had picked up. "Is Isabelle there?" She asked. Isabelle's mom replied with a fright "Is she not with you?" Talho stared out her window for a moment "No, she told me she would walk home instead." Isabelles mother was scared "She hasn't come home yet!" Talho hung up then ran out side, running towards the school. In the middle of the sidewalk, there lied squished, bloody Isabelle, under a tree, with a red umbrella, beside her body.