• The mother was tucking her little boy in after a late night of story telling by her friend that her son called Big Bear. As she was tucking him in he had a terrified look upon his face.
    “Mummy, what if the Wendigo comes?” he asked in a quiet pathetic voice.
    “I beg your pardon?” the mother simply asked.
    “The Wendigo mummy,” he said. “What if the Wendigo comes and eats me?"
    The mother sighed and shook her head.
    "My dear and sweet son there is no such thing as the Wendigo," she said. "If you do get scared I'll give you you're stuffed eagle to sleep with"
    With those words the mother left leaving the hall light on.
    The boy laid his tired head to rest and no sound was present. Only the sound of the harsh blizzard wind against his window.
    Suddenly the boy heard a faint wailing sound that came along with the wind.
    It sounded like if a man was gasping continuously mixed in with an inhuman sound.
    "Mummy! MUMMY!" The boy cried.
    The mother came into his room with a frightened look upon her face fearing that her boy might be in trouble.
    "What is it?" she asked.
    "The Wendigo mummy," he said. "I heard it"
    The mother gave a sigh of relief.
    "Child there is no Wendigo," she said confronting him. "It’s just the wind blowing"
    "But I heard it mummy" the boy said.
    "How about this then? I'll give you you're stuff eagle and if that don't work I'll give you a glass of water?"
    The boy couldn't argue with his mother so instead he just nodded his head.
    The mother gave him his eagle and went back to her room leaving the boy alone.
    The boy tried to get some sleep until suddenly he heard a wailing sound only this time it was closer.
    "Mummy!" he cried.
    The mother came back in.
    "What is it?" she screeched.
    "I heard it mummy!" the boy cried. "The Wendigo! It’s coming closer!"
    The mother shook her head.
    "There is no Wendigo," she said. "It’s just a story"
    The boy stayed quiet. A few minutes later she came back with a glass of water and left him in his room.
    The boy couldn't sleep until half an hour later he finally laid his head to rest.
    From the moment he laid his head down he heard the wailing sound again only this time it was right outside the house!
    "MUMMY!" he screamed.
    She came into his room with a red face looking vicious.
    "The Wendigo mummy!" the boy said. "Its here! ITS HERE!"
    "That's it!" the mother said. "I am tired of hearing all of this Wendigo nonsense! I'm closing the door and shutting the hall light off!"
    "B-b-but mummy" he said in a wimpy voice.
    But his mother paid no attention to him and shut the door behind her leaving him in the dark.
    He couldn't sleep. No matter how hard he tried he was just too frightened.
    Moments later he started to hear struggling noises next door to his mother's room.
    There were banging, and whelping sounds until it stopped.
    "Mummy?" the boy called out into the dark.
    Then there were footsteps coming up to his door. Then the door creaked opened revealing his mother looking horrible. Her eyes were bulging out of her eye sockets and her teeth stuck out like fangs.
    "Mummy?" he whimpered.
    She looked at him and gave him a sinister sneer.
    "Mummy's dead now meat sack!" she said in an inhuman voice. "It’s just me now"
    She came up to his bed and let out a wail that almost cracked the glass.
    His heart stopped for a moment until he realized that he couldn't move.
    His mother started to jerk and twist until a monster was coming right out of her mouth claws first.
    It had the shape of a bear and humongous fangs. Thick long spikes covered its back and the eyes were soulless.
    The monster jumped onto his bed.
    The last thing that the boy knew was the Wendigo falling upon him.