• "What is it that you want?"
    "I want to regain my lost time."
    "I will trade you your time for you beauty."

    There was once an old legend of an old woman who lived up on a hill all by herself. This woman had the ability to talk with the dead.
    Whenever someone visited her they would have a request and she would reason with them for an even trade. The dead asked for their time back as well as revenge, and the living asked for all types of things like fame and fortune.
    No matter what they asked for, it would backfire on them if it was made selfishly. The dead were forgotten in their new lives, the living were forced to poverty or jail and no matter how hard they tried, they could never remember where the old woman lived. She was a mystery...this goddess.

    One day a girl lost her way and found the old woman's house and the woman asked her.
    "What do you want most in this world?"
    The girl looked t the old woman in confusion before answering. "I want to be able to write stories that everyone can enjoy."
    The old woman put a hand on her chin. "I will trade you the ability to write for your time."
    "My time?"
    "It is agreed. Everytime you write on a piece of paper your life will shorten."

    The next thing the girl remembered was waking up in a hospital. She had a small case of amnesia.
    When the time came that she decided to try and write a story, she found that the story came to her head automatically.
    Once upon a time a goddess fell to earth after being cast aside by the other gods. She then decided to make deals with humans. She would give them what they wanted as long as they gave her what she thought was fair.
    As she wrote she had the feeling that the story was vaguely familiar...