• Chapter 4: Nami/Usopp, Nami/luffy, and Nami/Zolo

    "Nami! I need you to see somthin'!" I shouted. I pulled up a list of Usopp/Nami, Lu/Na, and Zo/Na fics.

    Nami screamed. "I'm not in love with them!"

    "Is something wrong, Nami?" Sanji dashed out of the litchen.

    "No," She replied. I showed Sanji my laptop. Usopp and Luffy laughed.

    "You think it's funny?!" Sanji chased and kicked them. Zolo peered at the screen.

    "WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM?!" Zolo was shocked. Sanji and him started fighting while I laughed.

    When Sanji was satified, he rolled up his sleeves and smiled at me. "Back to the ice cream."

    "AISUKURIMU!!" I yelled happily. "Nami, I write Sanji/Nami fics."

    Nami shrugged, "Not so bad,"

    "Robin, I've paired Sanji with you as well." I grinned.

    Robin chuckled, "May I read it, please?"

    "Of course!" I pulled my stories up and Nami and Robin read them. "Like 'em?"

    "They were great!" Robin said.

    Nami laughed, "You speak so fondly of Sanji in Best Brothers?."

    Luffy asked, "Do write about anyone else?"

    "I wrote an Usopp fic for his birthday." I said. "I never posted it."

    "Thank you, Kira." Usopp responded.

    I write about Sanji the most because he's my hero!" I exclaimed.

    "Who'd wanna idozile that guy?" Zolo asked.

    I stepped on his foot, making Zolo yell in pain. "I would!"

    Chopper laughed, "Don't break his toes!"

    I grinned at Chopper. "Don't worry, little buddy. I promise I won't."

    "Kira-chan, Nami, Robin, ice cream is done!" Sanji went heart eyes. I had another evil thought.