• Chapter One

    Edward Elric, age sixteen, sat in a maple chair in front of a table in the center of the library in Central; the look of boredom was carved on his features as he quickly leafed through several pages in the book that he was reading. He sighed as he closed the book, he tood up and stalked toward the other side of the building in search of a new book he could collect data from.

    A loud clap of thunder shook the building, making the librians squeal in shock; the rain outside pounded the roof as if it were angry, as if it were taking all its fustrations out on central for some unknown reason. Several smaller claps of thunder echoed through the walls of the library as well as the patter of the rain.

    Alphonse Elric, age fifteen, stood at the oppsite end of the library from his elder brother; he was examining several volumes of alchemy that had been broken down as simple as it could be broken down. He sighed as well, both he and his brother had been through every book in the library at least three times, but he couldn't seem to help but feel that perhaps there was something they had missed. He pulled out several thick volumes, taking them over to the table his brother had just left; his armor clanked as he sat the books on the table, then sat down himself, the chair quivering under his armor's wieght.

    "The weather seems to be getting worse," Ed stated as he ran a gloved finger over the back of the books' spines, gently as if they were new born children he was stroking instead of several sheets of paper sown together with careful stitches.

    "Yes," Al agreed as he flipped through the first book, rereading the information he had read not two weeks ago.

    "We'll leave soon," the elder blonde informed his brother as his amber colored eyes shifted to a leather bound book that he had never seen before; he whispered in a low voice mostly to himself, "Whats this?"

    "Whats that brother?" the empty suit of armor asked as he looked up from the book that he was skimming.

    Ed walked back to the table where his brother was and sat down in front of the silver suit, placing the book in front of him, "I've never seen this book before, have you Al?"

    Al shook his head, the metal clanking together as he did, "No."

    "I wander if they just got it in?" Ed asked more to himself than anyone else; his fingers traced over the leather cover with curiousity.

    The book's cover had four images embedded into the leather, but the book had no title on the front. Ed traced each image with his finger as he silently described the images to himself for his own personal memory and not for refrence. The book had each image in the each of its corners an picture of a nine-tailed fox in the top right, a racoon on the bottom right, a Japanese cherry blossom on the top left, and a two headed snake on the bottom right.

    Ed flipped the book to the first page to find the images again in each corner along with the words in black ink in the center of the yellow page that read: Fallen Heros.

    "Brother," Al began to formulate his question, "What do the images mean?"

    "I don't know Al," Ed said truthfully as he glanced up, noticing that his brother was now leaning over the table.

    He flipped to the next page and read its contents silently to himself:


    This is the history of our fallen heros that died while in the line of protecting their village; we honor their deaths and are greatful for ever knowing them.

    - The Fifth Hokage, Lady Tsunade of the Leaf Village -

    "Whats it say?" Al asked trying to get a better view of the book.

    "If you sit back I'll read it to you," Ed stated as he examined he page for a few moments before flipping it to the next.

    "Alright," Al agreed to his brothers idea, sitting back into the chair as it groaned from his wieght.

    "It said that this book is deticated to all those who died for something called the Leaf Village, whatever that is."


    The eldest Elric brother found himself staring at a picture of a blonde boy with spiky hair, bright sapphire blue eyes, and a wide grin plaster on his handsome features; Ed guessed that the book was not much older than himself and Al.

    "Whats it say?" Al pressed as he eagerly awaited for his brother to read the book's text to him.

    "Its says," Ed began to read aloud, "Uzamaki Naruto, age sixteen when picture was taken. Uzamaki Naruto, also known as the container for the nine-tailed fox- Kyuubi, was a very clumsy and loud ninja that one day dreamed of becoming the Leafs Village's Hokage. Parentage: None. Family: None. Died at the age of eighteen while fighting his former best friend and former teammate Uchiha Sasuke."

    Ed paused.

    "Whats wrong brother?"

    "He died really young," Ed whispered as he stared at the picture.

    "What else does it say?"

    "It says," Ed contuined on, "At the age of one day old the nine-tail fox demon was sealed into his body. He was ignored or treated badly by the entire village until the age of twelve. At the age of twelve he was assigned to a three man cell with Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura, the team was lead by Hatake Kakashi. At the age of twelve and a half he fought with the one-tailed demon and won. At the age of thirteen he fought his teammate Sasuke who attempted to betray the village; he failed to bring his teammate back. At thirteen and half he left the village to train with his new sensei the Toad Hermitt. At fifteen and half he returned to the village. At the age of sixteen he killed Uchiha Itachi (A S-Class criminal). At the age of seventeen and a half he fathered a child with Haruno Sakura. And at the age of eighteen he died at the hands of his former best friend."

    "Wow," Al responded, "He lead a life, didn't he brother?"

    "Yeah," Ed stated as he flipped to the next page.

    The picture he saw was of a girl about his age with short pink hair, and extremely bright green eyes; she was smiling as if she knew that her future was full of happiness and joy.

    "Hey shes not bad looking," Ed stated as he examined the picture.

    "Whats it say about her?"

    "Haruno Sakura. Its says that she was a very cunning and intelligent ninja- one of the top in her class. Parentage: A mother and a father. Family: Just her parents. Died at the age of eighteen along side her fiance Uzamaki Naruto. It says that at the age of twelve she was put in a cell with Uzamaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke, blah blah blah thats the same as the kid before," he paused scanning the page, "Here we go she trained under the fifth Hokage at the age of thirteen. At the age of fifteen she help Uzamaki Naruto, some kid named Sai, Hatake Kakashi, and Sabak no Gaara take down an organization called the Akasuki. It says at the age of sixteen she helped destroy an enemy village called the Village Hidden in the Sound practically single handly and at the age of seventeen she mother the son of Uzamaki Naruto. She died at the age of eighteen by the hands of Uchiha Sasuke."

    "So she died too," Al said staring at the girl's picture.

    "Yeah," Ed simply stated as he flipped to the next page.

    The picture was of a boy with crimson hair, ebony rimmed sea foam green eyes, and a sad expression his face; Ed took notice that he had the Japanese character for love on his forehead.

    "Sabaku no Gaara also known as the demon of the dessert- thats a bit harsh, anways theres not alot on him. It says he was born to the sand village and had the one-tailed racoon demon inside him. It says he was unstable at an earlier age, he started killing at the age five, and eventually killed his own father who was trying to kill him. It says that he died at the age of seventeen at the hands of Uchiha Itachi while defending his village-"

    Ed was cut off by the book; something very odd was happening. The book began to explode with green, red, and black lights surrounding Ed and Al.

    "What the hell is going on?" Ed yelled as the light gripped his arms and legs as well as Al's.