• The Five Brothers

    There was one day five brothers who left their home
    looking for good fourtune. After two days they stopped
    and stayed in a large cave nearby. When they woke
    up the next morning,the went further into the cave,
    then they saw a lamp which looked rather dusty.
    The four of the five brothers began to rub the lamp,
    soon they fifth caught up with the rest of the brothers
    and just had touched the lamp when from it came smoke.
    Then ariseing from the lamp was a genie. This genie was
    like no other for he was actually a man instead. Many years
    ago,a young man went walking thourgh the forest at the time
    when he saw a deer dying. He went to help it when out of
    nowhere came Death. Death looked at the young man and told
    him to move,so the young man moved out of the way. Then
    looking back,he saw Death's scyth chop the body of the dear
    in half. Slowly the body dissaperaed and all that was left
    was nothing. Quietly,Death turned and looked at the young man,
    slowly he backed up until. The young man thought about maybe
    takeing something from Death,but how? Soon the young man followed
    Death quietly. Soon Death turned around and saw the young man
    following him. The young man walked up to him and said"I would
    like to own one of your fantasitic items". Death looked at him
    and thought. Soon,Death repiled "Very well but you will have to
    beat my in a card game". The young man looked puzzzeled. He thought
    that he would have to do something to show that he was worthy of
    the item. But then Death repiled"If you lose the game,I will
    take your soul". Soon Death conjured a table and they were off playing.
    Soon,Death had won the game. Death came close to the young man. Suddenly
    the young man thought of something. He quily said"How about this Death,
    I will get you five souls in ten years?". Death thought,then Death backed
    up and said"Alright. But I will give you a disadvantige". Death fired a
    spell turning The Young man into a genie. Then Death carried him to the
    cave and placed him on the ground. Now he was faceing the anewesr to his
    problem. So he said"I will each give you one wish. But one wish alone".
    So the first brother who was not anything spiecial expect being the
    oldest of the five. He wished for a flying carpet so he could fly
    around the world and see the great sights. So the genie made a carpet
    and gave it to the first brother. The second brother which was the
    strongest,asked for a sword which could conquer anybody in a duel.
    Out of stone,The Genie made a sword the could kill anyone. So the
    second brother went on his way. The third was the one who was the
    most tactacal. So he asked for a orb which could see the furture.
    The genie toke a stone from the cave made it very big and round.
    Soon it was the size of a head. The genie gave it to him and the
    third looked into the orb and saw him leaving the cave. So the third
    went his way,leaveing two brothers left. Now the fourth brother wanted
    nothing more then a good fourtune. So the brother asked for an item that
    would bring him a good fourtune. So once again the genie took a small
    stone from the floor and made two chains appear from inside the stone.
    He handed it to the fourth brother and once again another brother left
    going on his own. Now all that was left was the fifth brother. The youngest
    and wisest out of them all,asked the genie if he could think about
    his wish overnight. The genie agreed to this and went to sleep. Over
    the night,staying awake,the fifth brother thought about this. Soon it
    was morning again and the fifth brother knew what he wanted. The fifth
    brother waited for the genie to wake up and then his wish would be granted.
    The genie woke up and saw the fifth brother waiting. So the genie asked"
    What is your wish?". The fifth brother repiled his wish to the genie and
    the genie thought about this.The genie repiled "Are you sure?". The fifth
    brother nodded his head. So the genie forever to travel with the fifth
    brother,left the cave and began their travels. Many years pass with
    them on their adventure but soon the fifth brother settles down with
    a wife but the genie still lives with him forever,until they part.
    But I would to tell you what happend to the other four brothers.
    The first brother who wished for a flying carpet died flying into
    a tree. The second brother who had died a terrible death by winning
    many contests and then showing everyone his sword. Soon a thief had
    killed him and taken the sword. The thrid brother used the orb to
    predicte his death and lived his life in fear. He died by jumping from
    a building,thinking he was being chased by a ghost. The fouth brother
    claimed his own life after one day,the stone which gave him good
    fourtune fell into the sea. Soon his life was terrible after everything
    of his had died. His sons,his wife and his animals. After that the field
    of his had died,he jumped into the sea. Thus leaveing the fifth brother
    who died a normal death. Forever the items that were theirs, were forever
    lost somewhere in the world. Soon after the fifth brothers death, the genie
    turned back into the young man he was before he was a genie. That is the tale of The Five Brothers.