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    Laughter flowed through the air as a small family walked up a grass path. There were wild flowers dotting everywhere you could see. The path tapered off to a large meadow along a cliff over hanging a rushing river. A young girl no older then five let go of her mother’s hand and rushed over to a small group of fire roses, roses that looked as though they were made of different color flames. The light bounced off of her emerald green eyes while the sun shone white against her flame red hair. Coming up behind the girl’s mother was her father, who was laughing in a deep booming voice with a large basket in his right hand. Looking over at his mate his golden eyes shone with happiness, though his flame red hair covered his right eye partly. The girl’s mother smiled back at him enough that it went to her emerald eyes when his fire red wolf tail brushed against her leg. Moving his hand over he threaded her dull golden blonde hair behind her pointed ears, his moving slightly at the sound of his daughter’s laughter.
    Stopping at the meadow her mother laid down a large blanket for all of them to sit on. Setting the basket on one of the corners her father sat down, pulling her mother into his lap. The two smiled as they watched the girl run around the meadow. Catching a butterfly out of the corner of her eye the girl started chasing after it. So enthralled with the small insect she didn’t notice that her path took her right off the cliff and into the river. The girl never heard her mother’s cry for her to stop or see her father scramble to his feet.
    The grass scattered behind his feet as he tried to get to her in time. Turning around last minute the girl smiled at her father. Her smile rapidly turned to a look of pure fright as she felt the ground beneath her give way to open air. Letting out an ear-piercing scream as she fell the last thing she saw looking up was her father half off the cliff, his outstretched hand just out of reach.
    A loud splash was heard as she hit the water followed by a low soul-shattering cry from her father. Shakily he made his way to his feet. Walking back over to his mate, his tail dragging against the ground and his head held down. Dropping to his knees he embraced her, letting her cry into him.
    Meanwhile the girl was fighting against the current. Struggling she gasped for air when she shot above the surface. Looking she noticed the river was rapidly taking her down stream. Struggling against the current with more vigor she tried to get to the bank. With all of the fighting she never noticed the boulder coming up behind her until the force of the water made her strike it. Hitting the back of her head against the face of the boulder she hastily lost conscious.
    Slipping under water the girl was washed away from the boulder. Flowing with the current her head broke the surface from time to time. While under the water the girl started passing a small group of about twenty men. Just at the moment she broke the surface again one of the men looked over at the river. Gasping he ran towards the river, ignoring cries for him to stop.
    Diving into the water he fought the currents. Reaching to where she was he wrapped one arm around her waist. He released a sigh of relief when he noticed she was still breathing. Holding her close he slowly made his way back to shore where the others gaped in his direction.
    Lugging himself out of the water he rested the girl in front of him. Looking up he shrunk back seeing the death glare directed towards him from his boss.
    “What do you think you’re doing Arise!” The Boss snapped at him. Moving to hold the girl against his chest Arise looked up at the Boss. Letting out a puff of air Arise’s gaze harden.
    “Sir, it’s only a little girl. We can’t just let her drown can we?” Arise protested, “Plus we could take her Sir, make her into a thief or an assassin for our little band.” The Boss closed his eyes, his left hand going to cover them as we went deep into thought. Behind him though the other members protested loudly that he was even considering allowing a girl to join their team. The majority of the protests were about it being bad luck to have a woman around longer then two nights or how she would just end up being worthless. To everyone’s shock a snarky smirk came over the Boss’s face making the dark green skin at his mouth wrinkle.
    “Alright Arise, but she is your charge dragon boy. If she does anything wrong you get punished for it.” With that the Boss ordered everyone to start moving. Arise held the girl close as they walked, hearing his band mates talking about his new charge, and not in a good way.
    Entering the hideout Arise made a beeline to his room. With difficulties he opened his door with her still in his arms. With a quick look around he shut the door and, just incase, locked it. Laying her down on his bed he brushed the bangs out of her face. She smiled, leaning into his hand. Smiling he reached over at his bedside for a flute. He acquired it on their last raid and quickly taught himself how to play it. Putting it to his lips the room was soon filled with a soft, comforting melody.
    Stopping suddenly Arise looked over at the girl. She made a small sound, a sign she was waking up so he put the flute down. With a low whimper the girl reached up to hold the back of her head. Walking over he kneeled down in front of her and put a comforting hand on her shoulder.
    “Hey little one, who are you and why were you in that river?” Arise questioned, his voice ridden with concern.
    “I…I don’t know. It’s all a blank,” she whimpered again, almost crying, “all that’s coming to me is my name’s Haruna.” Arise smiled softly, gathering Haruna in his arms.
    “Well little Haruna, until you remember everything I will be there for you,” Arise smiled as he told her this. Haruna smiled, nodding her head before hugging him back.
    “Oh, by the way, my name is Arise, and I’m a dragon changer,” He told her the last part when he saw the line her sight took. It was directed at his back where golden blue dragon wings protruded proudly. The right wing had a small hole in it, the size of a fist. They were about five feet long, giving him a ten-foot wingspan, and about three feet wide as the widest part.
    Moving his wings slightly brought a giggle from her. Smiling down at her Arise conjured a small stuffed wolf. His smile broadened when he saw Haruna cuddle up with it. A chuckle escaped his lips when he saw her fall asleep curled up around he stuffed toy.
    “Don’t worry little one. I’ll help you find out who and what you are,” With that vow into the darkness Arise fell asleep with a protective arm around her.

    First Solo-Chapter One

    The sounds of rustling leaves were the only warning given to a group of traveling priests. Before they had any chance to defend themselves they were surrounded. One of the priests gasped out in horror upon seeing the grotesque earth demons. Their skin was as rocky as the planet itself and varied from sand brown to tar black. All of their eyes were a haunting poison green, as were the claws on their hands. From their claws a maroon colored poison dripped slowly.
    A frail looking priest gasped as the poison hit the ground. Hitting with a loud, ear piecing hiss the poison melted away the rock on the ground, leaving a small hole that gradually widened as the demons stood their. Huddling together the priest waited for the attack to come. The demons growled and hissed at the priests, but stayed still as though they were waiting for something.
    The priests snapped their heads up as a deafening roar pierced the sky from above. A large shadow rapidly came into view from behind a cloud. As it got closer the priests could see the shadow was a massive golden blue dragon. Roaring once more, the demons surrounding the priests smiled when a figure appeared on the dragon’s head.
    Going to the edge of the dragon’s skull the figure jumped. Getting closer to the ground the figure’s whole left arm was engulfed in bright orange flames. A loud whistle sounded, and all the earth demons jumped back about two feet. Letting out a sigh of relief it was obvious the priests were thinking the demons were backing down.
    Suddenly the figure landed, directly in front of the priests. The group gasped in horror as it slowly rose, a black cloak covering her body with the hood over her face. The fire seemed to dance on the figure’s arm as a toothy smirk showed on her face.
    The only thing that could be made out was the figure was female. Black shorts under her cloak gave view to her legs. The one good giveaway was her top; a rust red colored one, which showed a good amount of cleavage. The figure’s smile also told them two things, one was that she was a demon from the fangs protruding from her upper jaw, and two to start praying for their deaths to be swift.
    Moving her arm out at her side the figure stalked towards them. Sniffing the air she was engrossed in the sent of fear and horror coming from the group. Giving her a thrill was the knowledge that she was the cause of it. Using her right arm she moved the priests out of her way, shoving them to the ground. Stopping once she got to the middle she saw the head priest was kneeling on the ground clinging to a silver cross.
    “Oh me oh my, what is this? Going to try and kill me like you did my band members priest,” She stated, her voice a girly sweet one. The sweetness of her voice caught the whole group off guard, except the earth demons who were smiling behind her. Smiles of knowing that the voice she used was only used in front of a hit.
    “Well think again human,” a snarled replaced the sweet voice from before while the fire around her arm turned white. Forming it into a blade the figure grabbed the priest by the hair. Before the old man could even blink it happened. Swinging her arm back she brought the fire sword down swiftly. Burning through the neck the heat of the fire melted the veins on contact, making them cauterize. The smell of burning flesh made the surrounding priests to gag as the figure made one more jerk before pulling her arm back, the flame dead, with a smile on her face.
    Holding the priest’s head in her hand, the neck half off with. Moving her hand to the back of his head her free hand came to grasp the chin. Making a quick upward and back thrust she took the head clean off. Blood sprayed out from the non-cauterized veins that had snapped open. The figure’s face coated with the blood, she held the head in her right hand while snapping the fingers of her free hand.
    “Feeding time boys. Remember, no one left alive, then take the valuables,” her orders hanging in the air the figure turned and left. A smile came to her face as the sound of demons attacking reached her ears. The sound of the remaining priests as the poison entered their veins as the others were crushed and eaten semi-alive.
    Making her way slowly she stumbled upon a river. On the bank a man with flowing midnight blue hair knelt. The black robes he donned ascended the pair of golden blue dragon wings protruding from his back.
    “Arise! Arise I got the head mission completed!” The figure laughed as she walked up to him. Arise smiled as he turned around to greet her.
    “Good job Haruna,” he praised, “I’m guessing the others are at the site eating?”
    “Yes they are,” she confirmed, “Here, take the head. I need to get cleaned up.” Arise shook his head slightly as he took it from her then put in a bag he brought along.
    He watched as Haruna took her cloak off. Her semi-long hair billowed down to just below her shoulders as it was set free. He grimaced some at the sighed of her face though when he got a good look. From her nose down to her chin was coated in blood. She knelt down on the riverbank and cupped her hand in the water. Bring her face down to meet her hands she splashed her face a few times while scrubbing the blood off.
    “Urg, only bad part of this is getting blood on my face,” she muttered while using her cloak to dry her face off. Arise chuckled deep in his chest when he heard her, which brought out a deep yet smooth sound.
    “Really now, and here I thought you like it since you snapped his head off,” he laughed. Haruna turned her eyes up at her and mocked what he said. She then smiled when it earned another laugh out of him.
    “What can I say? I love the sound of snapping bones…Dad,” Haruna smiled. Arise’s eyes harden slightly at the dad part.
    “Haruna be careful when you call me that. We both could get into trouble if someone heard you,” he scolded her. Haruna’s head dropped slightly before nodding. Arise moved closer and hugged her tightly.
    “Now come on, don’t act sad. You did a good job today, and now off to celebrate…daughter,” Arise chuckled when Haruna’s mood brighten. Hugging him back quickly the two separated. After a few moments of silence the two walked up the path to meet with the others.
    Arise grimaced slightly again at the sight that was laid out in front of them. He never got used to the way the earth demons ate their prey. Scattered in front of them were bodies in every from of stripping. Strewn across the road were body parts with the smallest of the demons gnawing on them. The main bodies, what was left of them anyway, were in a worse condition. What skin was still on the corpse had turned a puke green while the meat had acquired a soupy consistency then pooled out.
    The earth demons faces were covered in splinters of bones, entrails, and chunks of skin. Haruna seemed to be unfazed as she watched them finish up the meal. Stepping lightly on a skull she crushed it under her foot, getting the other demons attention.
    “Ok boys you have had your fun. Time to head back!" Haruna ordered, the sternness of her voice making all the demons stand at attention. They all nodded before disappearing, transporting themselves back to the base. Arise wrapped an arm around Haruna before the two were enveloped in a cloud of blue smoke. When the smoke cleared the two were gone. The only evidence the two left of what had happen were a gutted carriage and a shattered skull.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    In a large hall a lone figure sat on a cushioned chair. His dark green skin was covered with simple brown thief pants with a brown tunic covered by a dark weather worn leather vest. Strapped to his pants in plain sight was a medium sized silver dagger. Over the right eye a simple patch covered a jagged scar that jutted out from the top and bottom. His hair, almost buzzed, was the color of desert brown that gave the impression of his head being lined with sand. Sprouting from the tip of his fingers were long claws, maroon in color that curled ever so slightly at the end, while his eyes were as black at the night sky.
    Claws rapped against the arm of the chair, showing his growing impatience waiting for the party to return. The demon had plans for Haruna tonight, big plans. His head snapped up as his entire earth demon brethren returned. The demon let out a sigh, relieved none were slain this time.
    “Ah, Arise, Haruna, you’re back,” He greeted them as the two appeared, “Do you have the head?”
    “What do you think boss?” Haruna joked before throwing the bag at him. Catching the bag with ease in one hand he opened it with the other. Groaning from the state of the neck as he pulled the head out of the bag.
    The front was clean cut the way he liked it. Seeing all the veins were cauterized while the trachea was slightly singed black. Contrary just past the trachea was quite a different story. The blood vessels were tattered and the spine was snapped.
    The Boss looked at Haruna with a heavy sigh knowing she had snapped the head off again.
    “Haruna, how many times have I told you a clean cut through and through? Do not stop to snap the head off,” Boss stated while tossing the head to a nearby servant, “Take the head to Versal, and tell him to clean the cut before mounting it.” The servant nodded before slinking away into the darkness.
    Haruna clicked her tongue as she watched him leave but straightened when Arise gave her a glare. The Boss laughed at the two before a veil of seriousness wrapped around the three again. He watched until the doors closed before jumping to his feet, landing just feet away from Haruna.
    Fishing out a small scroll from his pocket, Haruna stared at it, getting all the details in. The scroll itself was only three inches in length but it was five inches thick. Both ends seemed to be rusted with old blood, human blood, and in the center was a seal. The clan’s seal was of a dragon roaring within a tornado.
    Leaning forward Boss handed it to Haruna, who was hesitant to grab it. After a second of thinking she snatched it away from him.
    “Now Haruna, in that scroll is your first solo assignment, it’s a pass or fail,” Boss took a pipe out and took a deep breath before continuing, “If you fail you die, pass and you are a full fledge member of the clan.”
    Haruna smiled despite herself and nodded so fast her hair covered her face. Boss shook his head before looking at her with harden eyes.
    “You will meet here at dusk, you have five hours to get some sleep, I suggest you use it,” Taking another breath he waved at them,” Now both of you leave. I want some privacy.”
    Boss smirked watching the two leave his chambers, leaning back into his chair. Putting his hand on his forehead he laughed, a low and booming sound that would be defining to all that heard it.
    “Ah this will be fun. Finally we will be able to get rid of that girl,” Laughing again he took one more long drag from his pipe, a fang filled smirk on his face.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Haruna laughed, skipping through the halls. Arise shook his head ever so slightly when they passed a group of fellow members. Haruna actually skipping seemed to scare them more then when she would used them as moving target practice for her fire darts.
    Stopping in front of their room door Haruna bounced from foot to foot. Laughing Arise opened the door and Haruna rushed passed him in a flash of red. Throwing her cloak into a corner of the room Haruna pulled her shirt off over her head. Taking her shorts off both the shirt and shorts soon met with the cloak. Jumping into the bed she was clad in just a pair of black underwear and bra.
    Laughing still Arise followed her example. As he shut the door behind him with one hand his shirt was removed with the other. Throwing it into the wash bin they were closely followed by his slacks. In only a pair of sapphire boxers he followed Haruna into bed. Lying down behind her Arise wrapped an arm around her middle. Sighing she snuggled closer to him and fell into a deep sleep.
    Arise smiled down at her, thankful he never got around to getting a second bed in the room for her. Growing up she would sleep in the same bed as him to feel safe, seeing as how most of the other members wanted to kill her. As she got older though and started training she still slept with him. The reason then though was to keep her horrid nightmares at bay.
    Whenever Arise went on a mission over night he returned to a disaster. Having nightmares Haruna would unconsciously would set fire after fire. Boss quickly learned not to send Arise away at night, only if it would save the hideout. Thought it was only after the last time Haruna was alone and almost blew the hideout into the heavens by setting a fire in the kitchen.
    Haruna snuggled close to him, her arms going around his waist. Arise nuzzled his face into her hair, breathing in deep as he closed his eyes. Falling into a deep sleep the world outside of the door slowly faded away.
    Four hours of sleep later Haruna was up. Pacing around the room she was still only clad in her undergarments. Arise watched her from his position on the bed, clad in his outfit from earlier.
    “Haruna calm down, you will do fine now get dressed,” He ordered her. Haruna stuck her tongue out at him. His hand darted out latching two fingers onto the protruding tongue. She jerked back as his fingers slipped away.
    “Ewe Dad!” she cried backing away. He laughed as she stomped over to her dresser. Pulling out a simple outfit she grabbed a leather bag and belt. Sitting on the bed she pulled a pair of tight black pants on before threading the belt through the loops. She then threw on a semi-tight black cotton shirt with sleeves that stopped just above her elbows.
    Tying her hair into a high ponytail she smiled up at Arise. He shook his head before handing her the scroll as she threw the bag over her shoulder. Taking a deep breath Haruna bolted out the door and towards the hall, Arise following calmly behind her.
    Busing threw the door Haruna straightened her back. Stiffly she made her way over to the boss, Arise following her normally. Whispers were hared all around the two as other member noticed them.
    “Ah you are a little early, eager are we?” Boss chuckled. Haruna just nodded while standing at the bottom of the Boss’s podium.
    “Now, this is a solo mission as I stated earlier. The picture of your target is in the scroll,” Boss explained, “For this we need the head and the heart.” Haruna looked at him startled but nodded her head.
    “Sir Yes sir,” she hollered, putting her hands at her side.
    “Go, you have till sunrise!” Boss shouted. Haruna smirked before disappearing in a blur of red.
    “Don’t worry she will do fine,” Boss reassured Arise. Coming down he clapped a hand on his shoulder. It did nothing to calm him down though, it only did the opposite.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Haruna perched on a high tree branch. Her golden eyes seemed to glow in the blackness of the night. Looking threw the canopy she spotted the building her target was residing in. The local prison complex. Her target was the acting warden.
    He was a tall man from what she could see threw the window. Two or three heads taller then her. His face was gruff with a shaggy beard complementing shaggy brown hair. He looked like he was reading a report of some kind. Smirking she said a silent prayer to get ready.
    Jumping down, the landing silent. Running to the door she knelt down in front of it. Holding a lock pit in her hand she made a small flame in her other. Holding it close she picked the lock until hearing a small click. Creeping in her foot falls silent as she made her way down the hall. The floor and walls around her were made of cold steel.
    Threw the darkness of the halls her eyes glowed. Stopping mid step Haruna froze. Ahead of her she could hear the sound of heavy footfalls. The sound of very thick leather striking steel.
    Moving into the shadows she waited. Passing a moment later was one of the on duty guards. Holding her breath when he stopped in front of her. Haruna wrinkled her nose when the guard looked around before scratching his a**. Getting fed up after a minute Haruna was about to attack him. Crouching down, her legs bent with her arms in front of her. She was just about to let go when the man walked away.
    Waiting until the sound of his footfalls to disappear Haruna started moving again.
    Aug humans can be so disgusting! Haruna thought in disgust. Getting back on track she made her way down the hall, sticking to the shadows the whole time.
    With time to spare Haruna ended up at the man’s door. Peering up into the window of the door she smiled.
    The man was sitting as his desk alone, his back to the door. His shaggy sandy blond hair was pulled into a short ponytail at the base of his neck. Black leather boots rested on the desk in front of him as the warden mumbled out loud what he was reading. Looking to her left she smiled seeing the door was cracked ever so slightly.
    Opening the door enough for her to get in with out a sound Haruna crouched in low. Creeping over to the warden when she was in striking range the door creaked. Snapping his head around Haruna came eye to eye with him. A chill went down her spine seeing his eyes, a haunting snow white.
    Aw ******** I’ve been set up he’s not human he is a damn shape shifter! Haruna cried in her mind as the man stood. He towered over her, three heads taller now making him over seven feet tall compared to Haruna’s five foot, seven inch height.
    Backing up slowly her eyes darted from corner to corner to find a place to escape. At the door was the human she encountered earlier with a high-powered handgun aimed for her head. Growling she charged him, jumping up at the last moment as the handgun went off.
    Landing on the man she howled in pain as the bullet pieced her right shoulder. Burning pain as it traveled threw her shoulder, slicing threw veins and tissue. Haruna gritted her teeth at the pain of it exiting, the whole thing seemed to move the slowest possible to her. Exploding out her shoulder the bullet lodge in the warden’s boot. Bloodied tissue sprayed after the bullet as blood poured down her shirt.
    Grinding her teeth together Haruna took the pistol from the man. Aiming in his right eye she pressed it directly into it before pulling the trigger. The man screams of help were silenced permanently as parts of the eye flew back at her as the bullet traveled into the man’s skull. Smirking Haruna pulled the gun away; throwing it behind her she darted out of the room.
    Hearing a dark gravel laugh behind her she ran faster, the hair on the back of her neck standing on end. Slamming a door open with her good shoulder she let out a cry of desperation seeing it was the prison gym. Feeling breath at her ear Haruna screamed while turning around.
    Behind her was the warden, now standing six foot tall with short blond hair. Jetting out his back was a pair on undead draconic wings while he smiled wide, long fangs showing as they elongated. Jumping back Haruna looked at him in shock as the man slowly shifted.
    The sound of cracking bones as he rearranged himself. His face elongated while the skin seemed to melted away leaving the snout of an undead dragon behind. Roaring a spiked bone tail erupted from his back while Haruna was shaking under him. Letting out another roar the warden’s wings elongated, taking a quick flap as his body lengthened. Standing fifteen feet above her, almost hitting the thirty-foot tall ceiling was a grey dragon. The skin slowly melting off inch-by-inch revealing the bones until his transformation was complete.
    Haruna shook her head, snapping out of her daze just as the warden brought his claws down on her. Jumping back she winced feeling the claws cut into her stomach. Looking down she saw four angry, but luckily shallow claw marks. Growling Haruna’s eyes glowed realizing her life was in danger. Standing tall she locked eyes with the dragon above her and calmly raised her left hand. Dropping all but her middle finger she made it clear to the dragon what she thought of him.
    “You think your bad, my father uses bigger dragons as tooth picks!” Haruna hollered while charging him. Dropping her arm a ball of black fire appeared in her hand. Shooting faint sparks off the ball seemed to be alive. The dragon faulted his attack for a moment, his mouth half down as it went to bite her head off. Holding her hand out Haruna tossed it into the dragons open mouth.
    On instinct he closed his mouth just as the ball exploded. The fireball shot threw his neck making his cough as bones were burnt. Growling the dragon slashed her again, cutting her leg. Blood sprayed onto the floor as Haruna fell backwards. Flesh hung in strips from her left legs upper thigh. The cut went down all the way to the bone leaving small amounts of white poking threw all the red.
    Staggering to stand her breathing was labor as she stared up into his eyes. Chuckling the dragon changed back into the warden. Her good arm held her stomach that was bleeding again as the fall made the wound reopens.
    Raising his arm spikes jetted out of the shifters hand and wrist. Shooting them out at her they pieced her legs and stomach. Crying out in pain Haruna fell back again gasping for air from the pain, her left eye barley usable with the blood flowing past it. Searing pain as the attack aggravated all of her wounds but he purposely left any vital areas untouched.
    “Ah poor child how does it feel to realize your boss set you up, that he plans on letting you die here tonight,” the shape shifter laughed that gravel laugh again while pulling out his own pistol, “Though I do have to thank you for getting rid of that human he was so annoying.”
    Haruna’s eyes widen with each word out of the man's mouth. She had though the boss had set her up but hearing it made something in her boil. Staggering to her feet Haruna growled savagely at the man.
    “I won’t die here tonight!” With that hollered vow she raised her right hand again. A blade of the blackest fire appeared around her hand. With all her might she fell at him, aiming for his neck. Before the shape shifter could react she impaled him in the neck, cutting his air supply off.
    Panting she laid on his chest as he struggled to breath. The extra weight of her laying on him made it harder to breath and soon his breathing stopped. Resting her head on his chest smiling faintly as the man's heart stopped. Catching her breath she rose to her shaky knees.
    Making a small white fire scalpel in her hand Haruna started with the heart. Cutting into the right area of his chest she made sure the cut was clean. Pealing back the skin, she cut all the arteries around the heart. Giving a quick tug the heart came free. Carving the symbol of the clan in the left side of his chest, outline of the dragonhead with lines behind it to represent the tornado, she then finished cutting the head off.
    Bringing the scalpel into a white sword around her hand she started at the original cut. Cutting around the circle around his neck. Feeling the veins cauterizing under her hand she stopped at is spine. Blasting the fire out the spine shattered. Pulling the head away she placed it and the heart into the bag she brought with her.
    Shaking her hand so the fire extinguished she fell foreword. Stopping herself before she hit the body she shakily got to her knees again. Closing her eyes she concentrated. Engulfed in blue smoke she disappeared from the area, leaving the mutilated body behind.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Boss relaxed in his chair. His hands were behind his head while watching time tick by for Haruna. He smirked knowing she wouldn’t make it back alive. Chuckling mentally he watched Arise pace back and forth in front of him.
    Poor man he doesn’t know his little ward will die tonight if she isn’t already dead, Boss laughed inwardly. His head snapped up hearing a commotion from the center of the room. Looking over his lip curled seeing a bleeding and battered yet still alive Haruna.
    “Haruna!” Arise ran over to her, sliding to a stop on his knees beside her. He checked her pulse, sighing in relief when he felt a pulse and herd labor breathing. He brushed the blood soaked hair away from her left eye, seeing the bleeding gash just at the hairline.
    Haruna whimpered while struggling to sit up, ignoring the pain from her wounds. Standing on her knees Arise supported her while she glared at Boss. Holding up the head she threw it to one of his lackeys.
    “H…here is the head and heart you wanted Boss,” She practically snarled the last word, “Now, Arise please take me to see Mari…fast.” Haruna then fainted in his arms.
    Picking her up gently, watching for the spikes still imbedded in her arms, legs, and her right side. He cringed seeing the four strips of flesh hanging from her thigh. Cradling her in his arms he bolted from the room towards Mari, the clan healer.
    Boss wrinkled his upper lip as the lackey handed him the bag. Opening it, indeed inside was the head and heart of the shape shifter she was sent to kill.
    Damn she pulled it off…lets just hope he didn’t run at the mouth before he died I really don’t want the little demoness knowing I wanted her dead,” He grimaced mentally while letting a smile show.
    “Well besides getting badly hurt she succeeded in her mission, so when she pulls threw she is a full fled member of our team.” Boss’s announcement made some cheer while most silently hopped Haruna died on the table.

    First Cut–Chapter Two

    Rushing down the hall, the sound of Arise’s foot falls echoed off the walls. Close to his chest he cuddled Haruna, who whimpered faintly ever few seconds due to the pain of her injuries. Skidding into a corner he came to a large ancient looking door.
    Cherry wood with a dark finish made the door seem older than time itself. The brass wolf head knocker gave it a sense of forbidding, the muzzle of the wolf raised in an angry snarl. Around the door were random little silver and brass ornament of wolfs, leopards, and just below the knocker was a silver Cerberus ornament. Raising a shaky hand Arise grasped the knocker. Giving a swift knock a shrill voice came from the other side.
    “Arise get your scaly a** in here with my patient!” A shrill voice from the opposite side of the door called. Maneuvering Haruna gently in his arms again he twisted the handle down. Hearing the ancient door creek as his pushed it open with his foot. Slamming to the wall Arise rushed in as soon as the door was open enough for him.
    The room was lined with different sized of mattresses. Leaning against a far wall tapping a scalpel against their hand was a tall woman. She looked very young for her age, about twenty, with white hair. Perched on top of her head were two black cat ears with white tiger stripes. Coming visible under her tight dark red dress was a black tiger tail with white stripes flicking in agitation. Her eyes were raging making her normally yellow eyes almost grey.
    “Get her on a table!” She barked. Gulping loudly he did what was ordered. Walking over he gently deposited Haruna on the closest bed, making her whine in pain when he let go of her. Mari shooed Arise away from the bed, taking his place next to the whining from.
    “Alright out, out I need to work in piece!” she almost screeched while pushing Arise out the door, “I will come and get you after this is done!” Shoving Arise completely out the door she slammed it shut, leaving a stunned and distraught dragon changed to wait; shame his waiting consisted of almost tearing apart a fellow clan member when he overheard them saying they hoped Haruna died.
    Inside Mari took out her tools. Taking out a long syringe she filled it with a heavy knock out drug. Lifting Haruna’s left arm slowly she inserted it slowly into the vein just above her elbow. Pushing a gauze over the needle she slowly pulled it out, pushing down on the puncture mark once the needle was out.
    Watching her patient fall asleep Mari rushed into her work. Covering her hands with gloves she clicked her tongue at the shape the poor girl was in.
    Poor girl so young but she is going to be so scared, well time to get to work, She thought while setting to work on Haruna’s thigh. Grabbing a needle and thick thread she looked at the wound. Using her free hand Mari gently cut away any skin that would be any use before putting the strip back onto the leg. Making sure the strip was in place Mari sowed around the wound.
    When all four claw marks were fully closed Mari grabbed a jar of thick white paste. Opening the jar her nose wrinkled on instinct to the smell coming off the medicine. Grabbing a thick roll of bandages she thickly plastid the paste on her thigh. Wrapping the whole thigh securely she tied the bandages close. Moving to the claw marks on the stomach she repeated the same process of sewing the wounds closed then putting the passed on and wrapping the wound.
    Getting to the spikes took a different procedure. Grasping one of the many on both of Haruna’s legs Mari pulled it out as gently as possible. The whole was sown close Mari whipped the blood away. Repeating this for all the spike injuries took time. In all she had four in both legs, two in her right arm and three in her left and one to her right side.
    Mari clicked her tongue seeing Haruna’s right shoulder. Not knowing what to do she closed it the best she could before wrapping the wound and putting her arm in a sling.
    Girl you better hope you heal good or else you are never getting the use of that shoulder back, Mari thought while going to the cut over her left eye. Moving the hair away Mari smiled seeing the condition it was. Cleaning the would gently all she needed was a bandage to take care of it.
    Cleaning Haruna up the rest of the way Mari put her in gowns left behind from before. Walking to the door she almost chuckled hearing cries from pain on the other side of the door. Grasping the handle she threw the door open and smiled at the scene before her. Arise was on top of the prone forms of a couple lackeys of the Boss with one in his hand gasping for breath and he was being choked. Two others had turned tail and ran away from the door to save their lives.
    “Arise put the damn guy down he isn’t worth you getting in trouble over,” Mari practically scolded him enough that he listened to her. Hitting the floor the lackey let out a grunt in paint. Arise rose the side of his mouth in a soundless snarl making the lackey flee for his life.
    Mari laughed as she made a motion with her hand for him to follow her. Agreeing like a lost puppy Arise rushed to Haruna’s side seeing her asleep on the table. Sitting next to the bed he ran his hand threw her hair.
    “Don’t worry she is going to make it, a restful sleep is all she needs now,” Mari beamed. Like Arise she slowly started seeing Haruna as her child since she lost her two before coming into the clan. Haruna, reminding her of her daughter, became her special charge. If anyone from a job was injured she made sure Haruna wasn’t one of them. If she was Mari usually treated her first before all others.
    Sitting down on the other side both of the two adults looked down at her in shock when Haruna started muttering in her sleep. First it sounded like nothing, just noises but soon words were made out.
    “Why…why did you want me….dead…boss…why?” Haruna muttered while almost turning onto her side, Mari stopping her before she could. Arise’s sky blue eyes bled red hearing this and almost got to his feet. Mari stopped him by putting her hand on his shoulder and shaking his head.
    “Arise don’t, bide your time before barging in. you will fail rushing in at this if you are going to attack Boss and you know it. You’re not leaving her alone, wait until she is healed fully then we think of a plan,” Mari spoke softly, her voice calming his raging soul.
    Practically falling into his chair Arise nodded his head. Resting his head in her lap Arise made a sad keening noise.
    “Shh shh, I know I know, I want to get him for this too but we have to wait we have to,” Whispering she brushed her hand threw his hair. Turning his head he breathed in her scent while calming down dramatically. Closing his eyes he surrendered his consciousness to the darkness of sleep.
    Mari smiled down at him, engrossed in the feelings wafting around the small makeshift family. Continuing to run her hand threw his hair she watched on Haruna’s vitals, making sure everything was right and safe. Letting out a sigh she calmed down, opening a book and reading; never noticing the ice eyes watching them from the darkness.

    b]Red Rain-Chapter Three

    The sound of rushing footsteps echoed off the steel hall. Blue hair blew behind him as the man ran. The chest heaved showing off their bare ice blue chest. Their tan pants were tattered making the frayed ends hit against his bare feet. A loud screech was herd as the man rounded a corner.
    Looking up Boss saw his second in command running into the hall. Skidding to a stop the man almost fell over, his frozen body made of ice, sliding over the stone floor. Boss stifled a laugh caught in his throat.
    “Careful Ion, and what makes you run?” Boss question, a smile on his face.
    “Sir, I have news someone is plotting your demise?” Ion spoke, knelt on one knee in front of Boss. His eyes harden hearing this as his nails lengthened. Leaping to his feet his throat ripped with a roar. Ion flinched faintly hearing the roar but stayed in his position. Boss moved his hand under Ion’s chin, forcing him to look. Ion gulped on reflex seeing the harden eyes boring into his.
    “Who?” Boss snapped out the simple question. Ion blinked, not registering the question for a moment. He shook his head faintly, just enough as the space allowed.
    “Ah…it was Arise and Mari…they found out about your plot to kill the mutt,” Ion whimpered, unconsciously moving his cheek against Boss’s hand. Boss smiled faintly at Ion seeing what the ice apparition was doing.
    “I see, well we will have to find away to get them before he gets me,” Boss laughed while moving to sit down. Ion moved to sit on his lap and rested his head on his shoulder. Boss ran his fingers threw his ice blue hair, calming the boy to emit a faint purr.
    “Don’t worry your little head off I am not dying anytime soon, but I guess we are going to have to find a new doctor and dragon soon,” Boss laughed as Ion kissed the side of his neck.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Mari took Haruna’s wrist in her hand. Placing her fingers over the vein she slowly counted each heartbeat. A smile graced her lips feeling the pulse stronger then it had been the week prior. Letting go she watched the wrist fall to Haruna’s side slowly. She sat down on the chair next to the bed. Glancing out the window she saw the full moon shinning the ground around the hideout. Her head snapped to the door hearing a creek.
    “M…Mari is she doing any better,” came Arise stuttered voice from the door.
    “A lot better, she should be waking up soon,” Mari smiled at him while motioning him for him to come over. Arise walked over and practically fell dead into the chair. He laid his head on her shoulder, Mari caressing one of his ears causing a soft purr to admit from his throat. She ghosted her fingers over his ear slowly, the two slowly getting lose in their own world.
    Slowly moving in for a kiss the two split the speed of light when a giggle admitted from close by. Snapping their heads towards the bed their faces split with a wide smile. There on the bed was Haruna sitting on the bed with a wide smile on her face. A blush rose on their faces as she rose one eyebrow slowly.
    “Soooo how long has this been going on hmm?” Haruna asked, her smiling turning into a suggestive smirk. A moment the two adults just looked at her. Then suddenly like a sting snapping the two tackled her. Mari threw her arms around her while Arise gathered the two into his arms, holding them close.
    “C…can’t breathe, dad…mom…let go please,” Haruna gasped. Arise let his grip up slightly, fearing if he let go she would fall asleep or it would all just be a dream. Mari laughed as Haruna grabbed her chest while taking several deep breaths. Haruna glared at her softly before hugging the two in a death grip, causing the two to wince in pain.
    “Man…I feel as though I got hit by a pack of stampeding hippos…how long was I out?” Haruna asked, rubbing her head lightly.
    “Hmm hippos if only that’s what it was,” Arise muttered under his breath while Mari sent him a glare.
    “You’ve been out for three days, you had us both worried,” Mari told her in a soft, calmly voice, Haruna still in her arms. She ran her hand over Haruna’s head causing her to emit a loud purr. The two smiled down at her while she looked at the two.
    Hearing a knock at the door Arise’s neck snapped at the speed he turned. Growling low in his throat he stood in front of the two girls. Mari cleared her throat before standing up, motioning for Haruna to lay back. With a frown she did what Mari requested.
    “State your name and purpose now!” Her command coming out in a harsh voice.
    “Its Ion, I came to see if the mutt was up and if so to give her a new order,” Ion’s cold voice permeated the door just before opening it. Calmly walking in his steps only faltered hearing Haruna’s low growl from her spot on the bed.
    “What now, cant he just let me heal already,” She growled at him, “Or does he want me dead that badly!” Ion put his hand over his chest in the area of his heart, a look of hurt on his face.
    “Why Haruna Boss would never do that,” He explained to her. She just growled back at him, her left hand dancing with flames. Standing she roared at him while leaping foreword. Her fist, now engulfed in bright white flames, was an inch from Ion’s face. She growled, struggling to get foreword but Arise had her in a tight grip from behind around her waist.
    “Now I think its time for your new job, seeing as you have that much energy it should be no problem for you mutt,” Ion snapped at her while shoving an envelope in her chest. Haruna grunted while holding her chest as Arise growled at him.
    “Don’t growl at me dragon!” Ion hollered while a sword of pure ice formed around his hand. Mari stepped between the two, glaring at Ion while silently challenging him to swing. Ion glared at the small group before turning on her heel and walking away.
    Arise snorted, smoke coming out his nose. Haruna laughed before opening the envelope. She let out a sigh seeing the writing on it.
    “What? What is it?” Arise questioned while looking over her shoulder.
    “A theft mission, stealing a few priceless items from a lord,” Haruna explained. She slowly got to her feet, using Mari’s shoulders to stabilize herself. The two watched a she walked out of the room towards hers and Arise’s to get change. Shaking his head as soon as she was out of sight he looked at Mari.
    “Well I’m going to make sure nothing happens bye love,” He leaned down kissing her before following after Haruna. Mari smiled as he walked away before letting herself fall in a chair.
    “Good luck baby, don’t let anything happen to yourself this time,” She spoke to the ceiling.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Haruna staggered into her room, ignoring everyone’s glares and mutters showing their distaste for her still living. Opening her door she fell on the bed, leaving the door open as she removed her hospital gown leaving herself in her bra and underwear.
    A new member walked by the room, stopping mid step seeing her asleep. He whistled before taking a step in the room. A chill ran down his spine the moment he entered the room. A low, bloodthirsty growl sounded just at his right ear. He snapped around seeing a red eye Arise started right into his eyes, elongated fangs barred.