• The creature howled shakingly and started to run after us. The house was getting closer and closer. I was thinking so many thought, that I cannot focus on running away from the monster. I could hear its pad beating the ground as it ran. Then I tripped over something. I fell on the cold, hard ground. I hurt my knees and my hands. I probably have scrapes now. I looked in horror as the monster came close. "Brittany! No!" I could hear Ryan screaming in horror. It growled at me. I could see its fangs and its red eyes. I thought I was going to die because of this beast. I closed my eyes as it lunged at me. All of the sudden, a loud bang came out of the nowhere. A yelp came out of the monster and I felt something landed on me. I opened my eyes, the beast was lying dead on me. I looked at it in wide eyes. I looked around who have shot the creature. "Yah alright?"
    A gruff voice came out of a figure beside me. He took the creature off me. I sighed in relief. "Oh my god, Brittany, are you alright?" Ryan came running towards me. I whimpered in fear. "She's fine. You en't worry about her." The man spoke gruffly. I got up wobbly. I was feeling sick for no reason. I felt a sharp pain on my leg. "I am feeling sick now.." I felt woozy and scared. "Yeh sick? I hope yeh didn't got bitten by the bloke." The man spoke and I don't know if the creature bit me or not. "Thank you so much!" Ryan thanked the man. "It's no big deal, Ry." The man spoke contently, and Ryan sighed in relief. "I thought you're going to die!" He exclaimed, and I smiled weakly. "I did too, that I was going to die." I said softly. "Oh, this man is Brugen." He intodruced the man to me. "Nice to meet you, I am Brittany. Thank you so much." I spoke to the man. The man flashed his white teeth into a smile. "Hello Brittany. Oh, it's no big deal. I always have to get rid of those pests." Brugen said heartily. I was suprised that he was so friendly. "Oh yeah, you're supposed to go home but you're covered in blood, and dirt.." Ryan said to me, and I looked at myslef, I had dark stains on my shirt and my knees was all messed up. I sighed and said, "My mom probably will think of me as a murderer." I grumbled and I crossed my arms together. "Maybe you should sneak in your house and take a shower before your parents notices you're covered in blood and dirt." Ryan gave me an idea. I shrugged and said, "Well, maybe I will sneak into my room since I have a balcony that leads out to the backyard." Brugen nodded and said, "Well, see ye guys later. Be careful of those wretched them beasts." He walked off, and we waved good bye to him.
    "Well, let's go to your house. I will watch your back now on." Ryan told me, and I nodded. We walked up to my house. We snuck into my backyard. Nobody was in the garden or backyard thankfully. I hoped there's no one sitting out on my balcony. I glanced at my balcony, making sure there's nobody up there. "Okay, Ryan. I think I will go in, kay? Well, see you later? Thank you for everything." I whispered and I walked up on the steps. "Bye Brittany, I will see you tommorrow." He promised and he left the backyard. I used my key on my balcony doors, and it worked. I have always extra key in my pocket. I dragged the door open softly and gently. I stepped in. I could hear my parents bickering over me downstairs. I closed my doors. I treaded carefully on the floor to not make a creak. I notice that my bedroom door was closed. Then I would be able to turn on my light. I flipped the light on. I looked at my clothes. It was dirty, and it stunk with blood from the beast. I groaned softly due the smell. I hoped that the smell would not reach my parents. My knees was bloody so were my hands from falling onto the ground. I thought I should wait until my parents were asleep but they are too worried sick about me. I sighed and took off my shirt and pants. I laid it on the floor. I walked over to my drawers, my clothes were already packed in there. I got out my PJ's. It had a dog smiling on my shirt. My pants was plaid, it had number signiture on left pocket. I yawned and I looked at my clock. It was 9:25, I was shocked how long I have been gone. I was so tired from the cold, being scared, and running from the creature. I slid my feet into my dog slippers. I treaded softly on the floor, I could hear my mother screaming hystericially at my new father. I sighed, I shouldn't leave my mother like this, so I walked out of my room. I went downstairs, and I was front of them, facing them with my braverness. "Oh my god! Brittany!" My mom yelled at me and scrambled towards me to hug me. I put out my hands in front, and said, "Don't hug me please..I need to take a shower too..." My mom slowed down and she sighed. "Brittany..You shouldn't have done this." My father calmingly lectured me, and rolled my eyes. "I am sixteen for goodness sake! I can take care of myslef! You can ground me but that won't slow me down! It will get worse." I threatened them, hoping not to get grounded for life. My mom put her hand on her forehead and groaned. "Brittany, I know you can take care of yourslef but at this late at night? Coming home that late? Honey, I was worried sick about you. You shouldn've stormed off like that. Oh, how did you get in?" My mom said, she seemed to be annoyed by me. "Yes, mother. I got in by my balcony's door, so don't worry. I am going to take a shower.." I said as I slipped away from them. I escaped with no trouble thankfully.
    I was in the bathroom with the door closed. I could hear my parents mumbling in a low voice. I looked at myslef, my brown eyes was watering up and I could feel the wanting to run away. I thought about what happened today, meeting new people, seeing a mysterious creature. I hoped I would just be left alone. I was in the shower nude, I looked at the water running at me, I sighed, I closed my eyes, then I could see the wolf-like creature lunging at me. Its teeth bared at me, and its burning red eyes like Ryan's. I open my eyes again, I shuddered with fear. It was an odd night, not to mention but a fearful night for me. As I got out, my dark brown hair was dripping, and I put a towel over me. I looked at myslef again, I could see something is not right. I looked at my hands, they were clean and not bloody anymore. My knees was all better. I was in relief that my injuries doesn't looks bad anymore. I got into my room, I put on my PJ's. I flipped my light off, I laid in my bed. I could hear the T.V. blaring downstairs, but it seemed to drift away, I could hear cidias' chirupping, the peace was gaining on me. I couldn't hear the T.V. anymore, I could hear the breeze ruffling my curtains. I was hearing nature noises, then I hear a disant howl from the outside. I gasped, I perked my ears up, hoping that there would be no monster approaching my house. I realized that howl was from a coyote. It was 10:00 already, my eyes were drooping and I yawned. I couldn't sleep because of my fear, then I thought of Ryan, my old dad, my mom, the shop keepers down the block, I fell asleep asoundly.
    In my dreams, I was holding a sword, wearing an armour. Ryan was beside me, he was too, wearing an armour. Then I heard a howl, an creature appeared on the hill. I realized that we were in war. There was thousand of troops behind of us. We
    were leading them. The creature also, had allies behind it. I was straining my eyes, to make better details of the creature. It was wolf-like, it fur was black, it eyes was golden, and it was standing like a human. It had fangs bared at us. It held something shining in it hand. I couldn't see what it was. Then all of the sudden, the wolf-like creatures started to charge at us. Ryan was yelling, "War will start! Battle of blood has begun!", he charged at one of the creature, and he cut its head clean off with his long, pointed, sharp sword. I gasped at the horror, seeing an animal's head being cut off. It was gruesome, and violent. All of the troops was fighting against the wolf creatures. The leader of the creatures, was dodging every soldiers' moves. I was standing middle of war, the sun was at the horizon. We were in a cold, foggy mountian, in a deadly battle. As the leader started to run towards me, I gasped in fear, I didn't know what to do, he knocked the sword out of my hand and pushed me to the ground, I barely can breathe because of his paws pressing on my chest. An voice came out of him, "You are the chosen one but you betray us? You will pay! Death to you!", he was growling. This dream seemed so real but I don't know what is this. As he snapped at my face, I opened my eyes to my room. I was screaming in horror, I looked at the room, I was in relief, that dream wasn't real. My mom and dad barged in my room, and flipped the light on. "Honey? Are you alright?" My mom smoothed me, and she held me in her arms. I was feeling hot for some reason. "You might have a fever." My dad spoke as my mother held me. My mom placed her hand on my forehead. "You're right, she has a fever. No wonder why you had a nightmare." My mom spoke in her worried voice. "Let's take her to the hostipal." My dad gave an idea, my mom nodded, I groaned. I didn't like hostipals, they scare me, and it will make me even more sick. "No mom..I not going to a hostipal, maybe if I just rest, I would be fine." I said in a weak voice, I started to sweat, and I got out of my bed. My mom rose and watched me to walk. I felt dizzy, and the room was spinning around me fast. "Britt?" My mom asked me worryingly, her voice was disorted. I heard this same voice from my dream. "You are a betrayer! You deserve death! Death to you!" I groaned and I stumbled upon on my dresser. I was really sick, big time. "Oh my god. Honey! Are you alright?" My mom's voice rung through my ears, I clutched my ears, it was sentive for no reason. I groaned, and I collapsed to the floor, laying down on the floor. "Brittany. You really need to go to the hostipal, and quick." My dad's low voice was disorted again. I looked at the tan carpet. It seemed to avert its color. It was changing, it must have been my fever. I could feel my mom's hand touching my back, trying to help me up. I shook my head and clung onto the floor. Then the wolf creature's voice appeared again, this time, it was scarier, "The time will finally prevail! You will cease to exist!" I screamed out loud, my mom held me in her arms, my father was try to comfort me with talking but none of them helped. The fear has came finally, scarred into my soul and body.
    I looked outside of the garden, I saw two hazel eyes staring at me. I clung onto my mother, and stood up. "Can you stand?" My dad asked me, I nodded, and I started to walk towards the balcony's door. I knew this was really happening. "Brittany, you can't go outside!" My mom warned me, and I unlocked the doors. The eyes was still staring at me, I could see it fur, it was light brown, it seemed to shake. I thought it may have been laughing. My mom and dad rushed at me to stop me, but then an flash of brown fur went front of me. It was that wolf-like creature from the backyard. It snarled at my parents, I shook my head and said, "No, don't hurt them.." I seemed insane, knowing this creature may be a foe. It looked at me with it hazel eyes. Its eyes seemed fimlar, but I just don't know. It blinked at me, and ran towards me. He picked me up on his back, I gasped, how strong this beast can be. My mom and dad looked in horror. It seemed to grinned and it started to run. I clung onto its back, the stinging, cold wind was blowing on us as it ran. "My name is Yourn, you must be Brittany, I assume?" A voice came of it, it was male-ish, and smooth. "Yes, I am Brittany, nice to meet you." I automaticly spoke to him. Yourn glanced over his back, and grinned. I sighed and laid my head on his ruffly, light fur. "Tired, eh? Humans these days.." He spoke as he ran gracefully over the dirt and grass, he was running towards the mountain. "Yes. I am way tired." I answered back, and the moon started to appear over us. I looked at it, it was shining pure white, it was beautiful, it looked better than it looked like in New York. "Looking at the moon. Looking at the stars. Don't you do that with someone you like?" He rumbled as he spoke, his voice changed slightly. I shrugged, and said, "Not always." He was getting closer to the mountain. The cold was lingering on me, and it started to affect me badly. I shivered as it stung me. "I see. Do you like someone?" Yourn asked me, and I clenched my teeth. "You know, when you talk to humans about that, it is atucally private and personal. Yes, I do like someone." I blurted out to him, he was slowing down now. "Humans interest me. Ah, who?" He asked me again. I sighed, I tightened my fists, this was too all sudden but I felt like I know this creature. "Ryan. He is somebody I like but I don't know, I just met him today." I answered honestly to him. Yourn stiffened and he stopped. "Really? That bronze hair colored guy?" He questioned me, and I slid off his back. "Yes, that is him. I get the feeling that. Arrggh! I don't know!" I answered harshly, I guessed that the fear has went away. "Is that so? Here's a riddle about me, I am bronze, I am cold, I am knowledgeable, and I am too a human yet a demon." He spoke to me, and I did a puzzled look at him. His hazel eyes was staring at me. I just imeaditely knew, his eyes just looked like Ryan's. I froze, and I said, "He's you.." He chuckled and said, "It took you long enough to figure it out. I just found out whose is your crush!" He laughed at me, and I groaned. I shouldn't have spoke anything about that. But there's one thing I need to know, what are those beast and how Ryan is one of them?

    Chapter 3 Terror

    "Dangit, why you didn't tell me?" I said rashly to him. Ryan smirked and said, "I thought I should let you figure it out by yourself." I scowled at him. "Under one day, all this immpossible stuff happens to me." I muttered angerly, and I heard a howl. Ryan flicked his furry ears. He bared his jagged teeth at the mountain. "It's time. The leader is looking for us." He spoke gravely, and my face fell expressionless. "Who is the leader?" I asked him, and he glanced at me with his cold, hazel eyes. He flicked his eyes at the moon. "His name is Nainro. Meaning Demon in Wolfish lanugage. My name means Cold One in Wolfish lanugage also." He answered solemnly, I shivered and he looked at me. "Are you cold?" He asked worriedly, I shook my head. He flicked his ear backwards, he bared his fangs again, his eyes seemed to glow, and he looked gruesome. I took one step back, and he spoke, "Run now. Hurry. Behind me!" I nodded and ran past him. I didn't know what was going on. Then I heard growling and snarling noises. I stopped and turned around to see. There was another wolfish creature. "Yourn, we meet at last." A femine voice came out of the other creature. "Come so soon to see us, Diamond?" Ryan spoke to her. "Yeah, I wanted to see the human girl, but it turns out, she is a disappointment.." She chuckled at him, her eyes was silver, her fur was shining white under the moonlight. She was wearing something on her left front leg. It looked like a silver bracelet with crested white jewels on it. "Go ahead try to insult her, it won't work!" Ryan snarled as he took a step foward. Diamond lowered her head, and said, "Hmm, shall we begin the fight?" She bared her fang, they were suprising white. Ryan made a low growl at her, and answered, "Yes, and now!" He lunged at Diamond, with his black claws unsleathed. A yelp came out of Diamond and she was trying to dodge Ryan. She ran towards Ryan, and made a pounce on Ryan, bitting at his neck. They were snarling, growling, they were the most unhuman noises I ever heard. Blood appeared on their fur from bitting and clawing each other. "You have become better at fighting, Yourn." She spoke, her teeth was covered in blood. Ryan was limping, making a whine in his voice. "Not really..." She taunted him, and made a knockout blow to Ryan with her bloody paws. Ryan landed on the ground, his hazel eyes flickered at me, I was standing there at the fight, I didn't know what to do. Diamond chuckled, and raised her head, she looked at me. "Perhaps, I should finsh the little girl here.." She spoke softly, I gasped with fear, and started to back away. Ryan groaned, he tried to get up but it appears he broke a bone during the fight, so he laid there, watching the last moment of my life. I felt the tears swelling in my eyes. "What the matter, honey, you are you afraid of dying? If you are, I will make sure it's painful and fast!" She made a running headstart towards me, my heart was beating with fear, my breating shifted, I felt different. My hearing becamed disorted, my eyesight changed weridly, and I felt the vulgar animal instinct appear in my mind. I was changing.
    Diamond stopped and she looked at me. I was in a great pain. I was groaning, my body started to ache. Diamond took one step backwards, and Ryan was watching me in pain. Bam, I was at the ground, my body felt different. My breathing wasn't normal, my hearing was now sentive. "No, this is immpossible!" Ryan yelled out loud. I didn't know what was going on, I got up, I was on fours. I looked at myslef, I had dark gray fur all over me. My hands and feet was transformed into paws of a wolf. My ears was flicking around for noises. My nose was long as their snouts. Then I got on my two hind legs, standing as a human, but it was hard to do it. I fell on fours. I was an monster.

    To Be Continued....