• When Tanner and I were younger, our mother would tell us stories about her family. Our grandmother could levitate objects of all sorts, our grandfather could control weather, our Aunt Kate could force things from one place to another without touching them, and our Uncle Kevin could ‘jump’ (close his eyes, think of a place to be, open his eyes, and end up in that place). As I grew older, and I saw my family less and less, I started to forget about these stories. They didn’t seem real to me anymore-my imagination about my family was demolished.

    Last month, Tanner and I turned 16. When I saw my friends at school, I realized how fake of friends they were. Even more so, I realized my boyfriend wasn’t interested in who I was. He was interested in what I looked like. Tanner saw this, too. He helped me leave the looser, because that’s what true friends do.

    Tanner and I had always been close like that. We were born twins, me older than him by only a few short minutes. Still, we were best friends since literally birth. I helped him with hardships, and he helped me. We did everything together, and we were always known as the only twins at school who almost never fought. We seemed like the perfect set of twins.

    But back to the turning sixteen thing. Within the last month, Tanner and I noticed some……..changes. For instance, when I get thirsty, all the water fountains in the school go crazy. When Tanner and I get to American History, he instantly knows about everyone from the specific time period we’re talking about, even without ever even studying them! And suddenly, we started believing the stories about our family again.

    When we got home one day after school, all the stuff in our house was packed. “What’s going on?” I asked. My mother smiled at Tanner and me before taking our school bags off and emptying them out. My twin and I stood there with our mouths agape.

    She handed us our vital stuff (iPods, pencils, keys, and note books) and smilingly said,” We’re moving.” She didn’t give us a reason why, but she did give us a description of the place we were moving to.

    Our Parents had told us about our family outside of the house. They never mentioned that the two of them were……..powerful, or whatever. “I can become invisible,” my father told us. Great. I had an invisible father, meaning I was going to have no privacy unless he respected me enough. Sure, he did at the time, and I couldn’t tell if he was going to spy on me because I knew about him or not.

    “And I can make exact copies of anything I desire,” my mother said. Even better. A mother that can make illegal copies of iPods, cell phones, computers, pearl necklaces. Anything she wanted.

    Not long after that, we arrived in a quaint little area of a suburb. “You still haven’t told us why we moved,” Tanner said as we pulled into our new drive way. “And I’d like to know why I have to be so far away from Mr. Bruns,” he finished, speaking of his favorite English teacher.

    My father sighed and turned in his seat to see the two of us behind him. “Our family is powerful.” I sighed and said, “We got that, Dad.” He shook his head, knowing I wasn’t understanding what he meant.

    “Meaning you are, too,” he said. My eyes grew wide, but Tanner’s grew excited. “We’re moving because the school down the road is especially for people like us; genetically mutated people,” he said, making it sound like we were in an X-Men movie. I started to feel like Rouge then.

    “Dad, what are you trying to say?”

    “That you two are ready to grow into your powers,” he said. So I went from Rouge to Sabrina the Teenaged Witch. “Archer Academy is going to help you do that.”
    I sighed and got out of the car. Tanner knew I felt like crap, but I wasn’t going to say anything to him. Plus, it was only then that I noticed how large our new house was. I mean, it was like, four times the size of our old home. Five cars could fit into our garage, and I’m pretty sure three of my old room could fit into the front yard.

    I was going to ask how we could afford this, but then thought that I didn’t care. If we lived here, we lived here. I was going to go to Archer Academy or whatever and get my supernatural life over with.

    I walked into the new place, leaving my bags in the car and moving truck until further notice. “There’s an attic room just for you, Perry,” my mother told me. I wasn’t being banished there. Come on, I wasn’t freakin’ Cinderella! I was just…..interested in bed rooms far from sea level.

    I headed up the stairs without a second glance/word. At the very top of the stairs was a purple door. Strange-a purple door in an all white house. But I liked it. Purple happened to be my favorite color, so I shrugged off the strangeness of the color and walked into the room.

    Like the outside of the house, it was huge. I had so much space, and so little things to put into it. There was enough space in the room for both Tanner and I to share, with extra room for a spare guest-bed. I looked around at the walls that surrounded me. All four of them were already a dark shade of purple with black in a flame-like pattern from the bottom.

    It was the perfect room for me.