• Enter...Bensen High!!!
    Good Morning, Class! pt5

    Haturo departed with her new friend, Aamaya, to go to her C7 class when she bumped into a girl wearing her school uniform with rainbow pins all over her skirt. "Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't see you there." Haturo said bowing to the girl. "Don't be a silly pickle pants! It was my silly own fault!" The stranger objected happily while helping brush Haturo's skirt off. "Silly...pickle...pants"? Haturo thought to herself. "Well, I gotta skeedaddle down to my class now! T.T.Y.L Little Bunny Boxers!" The girl shouted running to her class. There is definitly something wrong with that chick. Haturo said quietly to herself. she shuffled her feet to her C7 class and sat down in the front seat closest to the door and next to her was.....HIM?! Haturo screamed in her head. Haturo could feel her face getting strawberry red just looking at him. The sensei began on the class rules but neither her nor "him" was paying an ounce of attention. "I will begin with roll call," the sensei aid taking out a clipboard behnd his stand. "'Kukio Agura?'" The sensei said looking at his clipboard. A boy with long hair in a ponytail said "Here!" I get to know his name? I GET TO KNOW HIS NAME!!! Haturo squeeled in her head. A few other names were called then "'Haturo Kesumo'." Haturo stood up as fast as she could and yelped "Present!!" All of the other students glared at her with ice cold eyes, a sweat bead rolled down Haturo's face and she slowly sat back down. She timidly looked over at the mystery boy and he was SMILING?!? "Hitske Oindo.'" The sensei looking around the room. The mystery boy stood up and said here in the softest and most wonderful voise Haturo had ever heard. "Hitske-kun," Haturo whispered. Haturo coouldn't stop staring at Hitske during the math lesson the teacher was giving. After the bell rang Haturo and Hitske where the only two in the room. Haturo finished before Hitske and as she left she said sweetly "I'll see you around ok?" Hitske lifted up his head and said in a quiet voice "Hang on, can I talk to you?" Haturo blushed a little and nodded as she walked back towards Hitske. When she got back to where her desk was, Hitske stood closly infront of Haturo and put his face within "kissing" reach and said "Thank you-" "What for?" Haturo interupted. Hitske put his finger over Haturo's lips and continued to say "for making me smile...no one has done that in so long." The was a long pause between the two and Haturo broke that scilence with "I tend to be doing that alot today." Haturo giggled and jogged out of the room while saying "Bye, Hitske-kun!" Hitske chuckled and walkied out of the classroom slowly "....she's cute."

    To Be Continued...