• So he told me to go to the park alone at midnight to give me something. We've been dating for a few years now so I was expecting an engagement ring. I drove my red sports car there, it was dark and eerie looking. I heard the autumn leaves crunching beneath my feet, suddenly I saw a dark figure near the fountain. I ran to it because I thought it was him but the figure started to run faster like he wanted to get away. I shouted his name but he disappeared before I caught up to him. I stood there at the bridge resting and found an envelope on the ground.

    It was a letter written to me with a red rose attached. I picked up the letter and the rose carefully because of the thorns. I sat at a nearby bench and began to open up the envelope, then started to read the letter. I had just read the first sentence and froze, it said: I'm sorry but I don't love you anymore. My heart started pounding very fast, tears started to form and burn my cheeks as I stood up and slowly walked to the bridge. My left hand clutched on to the rose and blood started to fall to the ground.

    I felt sorrow and anger at the same time so fast, I didn't dare want to read any further than that first sentence. I dropped the letter first into the water and let it flow away, then as my last tear fell I let go of the rose and before it hit the water it turned eternal black. I ran as fast as I could to the car and drove home. I crept into the house without waking my parents and cried to sleep...

    The next morning the girl was found dead surrounded by black roses, her left hand was scared with the thorns of the black rose. Her parents were devastated and her ex-boyfriend really left her for her best friend but he didn't write the letter. The dark figure in the park was really a woman who curses lovers with a rose, the woman also died of affair with her husband.

    She has eternal youth and wears a black cloak made of rose petals and the only way to kill her is to stab her heart with a red rose. (It's not true I just made it up)