• I looked up, half expecting Micheal to be staring at me. my eyes were a little hazy in the vision, but I can make out the person.
    "Are you ok? Do you feel sick? We can go to the nurse." A strong accent spoke
    I didn't respond. The silence became awkward.
    "Well I'm Raphael. If you need me to take you to the nurse, don't hesitate" Raphael gave me a sideways stare, looking at me as if I was retarded.
    what is she doing here? I thought to myself.
    I finally manage to say something after the good three minutes of the awkwardness.
    "Thanks, but you don't need to help me. I'm fine" I was getting off the bench, when I saw Jake running down the hallway towards us.

    "Raphael!" He was shouting. "Why did you run out?" Jake hadn't noticed I was there.
    "This girl here, ran out of the cafeteria crying, I thought she was hurt, or must have been sick" she pointed in my direction. My cheeks turned a light scarlet.
    "Sam!" Jake shouted happily. he looked at me noticing the slight change of color in my face "Are you ok?"
    Was he really concerned for me?
    "Yeah, you know just a little tired............. nothing really though" The heat in my face was starting to cool down.
    "Well thats good then" Jake flashed a killer smile at me. "So....... I take it you met Raphael?" He was asking me, but was staring at her.
    "um..... yeah. she was so kind to offer help." Jealousy was starting to grow in me, I can feel the raves rippling in my stomach, at the way he said her name all googly .
    Jake didn't take his eyes off of her.
    "Well Jake, you know, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the.........." I was cut off on my sentence short when I saw Jake wrap an arm around Raphael waist.
    "Well we got to get going. see ya around. Bye Sam!" Jake waved at me, walking with Raphael in his arms, and out of sight.

    "He didn't even let me finish my question, and not to mention, he left so rudely . And the nerve he had, to put his arms around Raphael like they were going out!" My fist were in a ball at the side of my hips.
    My Jealousy got the best of me. I turned around and socked Micheal in the guts
    "OH MY GOSH! Micheal im so so sorry, I didn't see you there." I was waiting for him to punch me back. guilt crept in.
    "Dang Sam, you sure can pack a punch." I was surprise he didn't respond "I came looking for you when I notice you were gone, but I guess your still mad at me." Micheal was clinging onto his stomach.
    "Dude I'm sorry. but........" I felt like I was about to cry again, but instead I bit my lip, and held back the tears.
    "Hey Micheal, you know that thing I have been delaying for quite some times now, having to pick between picking you and Jake?"
    "Do you mean the thing we kept on nagging about before you got shot." I cringed when he said the word "shot"
    "Yeah that." I mutter.
    "Sure of course I do. what about it?" He crossed his arms over his chest.

    I took in a deep breath. "Would you like to go to the concert with me?"