• The first thing I became conscious of was the hard uncomfortable floor I was laying on. I opened my eyes, and looked around. I was in some dark room with greyish brown rocks covering the walls. I sat up, then immediatly fell back down with a groan. My head throabed, and one of my ribs felt as though it had exploded. Squinting from the pain, I pulled my shirt up to examine my side. Blood stained my side and a lagre bruise was there. I pulled myself to a wall, and rested against it. It was then that I realized my situation. Where was I? I just got kidnapped! Fear shot through me, and I resisted the erge to scream. There was a small barred window at the top of one of the walls. My hand grasped onto a rock, and I pulled myself up to stand. Tears came as my side burned. I sucked in a tight breath, but even that hurt. Thinking back, I never had a broken bone before. I stumbled to the window, that seemed extremely far away. I grabbed on of the bars and tugged. It didn't budge.
    "No, come on!!" I sobbed. I couldn't stand not knowing where I was. Suddenly I heard a door scrape on the ground.

    "Going somewhere?" A voice asked. I spun around terrified.

    "Who are you? What do you want?" I breathed. The man standing there was a different one then the one at school. He had a blueish tint to his hair. His eyes were also a dark blue. He had the same wild compesition the other man had. His response was a smirk.

    After a minute he said "What do you think of fairies?" he asked. I didn't answer, for I felt like I might be sick. "Ok, what do you think of unicorns?" Again I was silent. "Are you going to answer me?" I shook my head no. "Ok, just answer this last question. Do you believe in fairly tales?" Confused why he was asking these things, I shook my head again. "No? Why not?" I swallowed hard.

    "What do you want?" I whimpered.

    "I want to know why you don't believe in fairy tales." I tried hard not to let tears fill my eyes. I wanted to go home more than anything.

    "Because they're fairy tales." I managed to answer. The man smirked. He pointed to the window.

    "Look outside." He ordered. I hoped that if I did what he said, and answered his questions, then I might get out of here sooner. I didn't want to turn my back to him though. He frowned an strode up to me. He grabbed my shirt and spun me around. I yelled.
    "Shut up an look out there!" He yelled. I stared out the window and gasped. A large graceful figure layed under a tree. It was a dragon. The man pulled me down and threw me to the floor. I screamed as my rib hit the ground. An explosion of pain sered through me. My eyes became blurred, and my head burned.

    "Now I'll ask you again." The man said. "Do you believe in fairy tales?" And he strode out of the room. I curled up in a ball, and layed there until sleep covered me. My dreams were of dragons...