• The moment I awoke I turn over and puked on the floor. Finished, I rolled back over and saw a girl leaning over me. I jerked, startled by her presence, and cringed as my entire body burned. I looked at my arms, and legs, they were covered in blood. The girl pushed me back down. She was very graceful, and had stunning yellow eyes, I didn't know if I should be afraid of her or not. She seemed strong, and capable of hurting me, but had a wary and careful look to her.

    "How is she?" Someone said. I turned my head. A teenage boy stood there. He was the first person I've seen here that looked normal. He had longer dark brown hair, and his eyes were almost black. His clothes were worn, and his fingers stuck out of the gloves he was wearing.

    "I don't know. She woke up." The girl responded. She placed a cold rag on my head. I didn't say anything; it didn't feel like I was done being sick. The man sat down next to the girl. I stared and them, wondering what was happening to me.

    "You're in for a rough few days." The girl said. "You had one of the worst first phases I've seen." I had no idea what she was talking about.

    "Here, drink this." The boy said, offering me a cup of some type of liquid. I grabbed it, fealing scabs crack and break from the movement. I groaned, but drank the liquid. It tasted minty almost, it was very strong. It made me feel better almost immediatly. I took in a big breath and asked,

    "What happened?"

    "You had your first transformation. They are awful, but afterwards, its really easy to phase." said the girl.

    "What transformation?" I asked confused.

    "Oh, they haven't explained yet?" The girl had suprise rush over her face. She looked at the boy and he nodded.

    "You're a dragon Maya. You were accually quite pretty in your dragon form. You changed back to a human before you woke up." I was a dragon?

    "Wha-, no..no...dragon?" I stammered. That was impossible.

    "Yea, It kinda sucks at first. Not knowing anything, you get passed it." The girl sympathized.

    "Who are you? Where am I?" I wanted answers now. I had no idea what was going on. These people were nice, but the others weren't.

    "We can't tell you where you are, but I'm Cetrine, and this is-"

    "Solar. My name is Solar." The boy cut her off.

    "Is that your-" I started.

    "No, it's not my real name. My real name doesn't concern you."

    "Oh." The medicine was starting to wear off, and I started to feal sick again. My body ached everywhere. I layed back down on the makeshift bed, and let the girl help me. She looked very concerned.

    "Solar, she's loseing a lot of blood." Cetrine looked at him like it was a question.

    "NO. You know what happened last time i healed someone. They nearly killed me." Concerned, but too tired to care, I ignored their discussion. I was thinking about everything that happened. I missed my family, my friends. I couldn't do anything in this condition, so I layed there. Waiting for answers to find me.