• Micheal was already at our seats when I headed back to the concert. I edge my way through the crowed to try to get to my seat. It was difficult. I saw Micheal staring at an act that some people were doing on stage. It looked almost like a comedy skit.
    Staring at Micheal like that made my heart skip a beat.
    "What the heck?" I said over the skit
    "Are you ok ma'am." A boy around seventeen, or maybe eighteen, about the same age as me. Was holding out his hand to me, asking if I was ok.
    "Back off perv. I'm trying to get to my seat." I tried to edge my way past him. But he put an arm out in front of me to block my passage.
    "Whats wrong with you?" I asked in the most ruefully tone I could manage. "I said for you to freaking back off".
    Again I tried to get around him. But he wasn't alone.
    "Oh I see how it is. Why don't we just forget about this little misunderstanding, and you be a nice little girl and hang with us. Then we might let you go." The guy and his friend got closer in, grabbing me by the arm.
    "Get off!" I shouted. But it was way to noisy to be heard.
    where the heck are all the guard and police men when you need them? I thought to myself

    I tired to squirm my way out of the guys arms. I tried kicking and screaming even louder, but all the noise drowned out my desperate plead for help. It was useless, the guys were just way to strong for me.
    "Now you just behave and come with us. We wont hurt you that much" The guy who tried to stop me with blocking his arm was whispering in my ear, then moving down my face licking the side of my jaw with his tongue. I think I might have barfed in my mouth.
    I wanted to punch the guy square in the face, but I was frozen with fear.

    I was never something a guy looked at. Never was I hit on, or liked by a guy. And at the moment I think I was just going to be use as a play toy. The guy was now done licking my jaw. This time he went for my mouth. I tried to refuse his mouth, not wanting to open mine. But his tongue found an opening. The taste was unpleasant, and I couldn't do anything, my body was trapped. Although my mind was in action cursing and screaming every possible word, to help get out of this. My body just stood there in the crowed frozen.
    I could start to feel the perv move his hands up and down my body. I was being violated and I couldnt do anything to stop him. How much further could he go and get away with what he was doing?

    I thought nothing could save me now. I was going to be stripped away of my innocents and this perv would get away with it. I could have just died right there, and have no help.
    The guy realized that I had stopped resisting.
    "See that wasn't that bad now was it?" He held me at arms length smiling an evil grin.
    I couldnt form my mouth to make words. I stood there dumbly, speechless.
    "Don't have a voice anymore?" His smile grew wider stretching across his face. His eyes filled with lust. "Well I guess we will just continue then" He leaned in grasping my face again, crushing his lips to mine. This time the kiss was stronger with more force than the first time. His hands were doing some unpleasant things too.
    Before the guy can get any further with putting his hand on my chest, a huge hand grabbed his shoulder and thrust him to the side of the asphalt.
    "Play time is over!" Micheal shouted, red within the face. Anger flowing through his veins.
    "What the heck dude? Shes mine" The guy got up trying to dust himself.
    "You lay one finger on her again." Micheal didn't finish his sentence
    "What are you going to do?" Both the guys were facing Micheal this time.
    Micheal puts his hands in his pockets and pulled something shiny and sharp out.
    "I will Kill you!" He hissed through his teeth and pointed the tiny blade at the two guys
    "Any last words?" The blade almost at the guys.

    Micheal no!