• After a few days of recovery, and Cetrine and Solar helping me out, I felt a little better. The scabs that covered my body, well, were still there, and itched like crazy, but they didn't hurt as much. Right now, I was in some prisony room, going insane with bordom. There wasn't even a window this time. The food was stale, and it was dark, cold and damp in here. I shivered, and went to lean against the wall. I couldn't help my thoughts from overflowing in my head. I was a dragon? Where am I? What's going on? Will I ever get out of here? Wiping a tear from my cheek, I heard the door open.

    "Come with me." A big man....with a knife in his hand was standing at the doorway. I swallowed, but hesitantly stood and walked up to him. He grabbed my shoulder and shoved me out the door. I help in a gasp, and let him push me down a set of hallways. After about five minutes of walking, he pushed me against a wall, and knocked on a big, old door three times. He gave my a crooked smile and said "Ace will see you now." The door opened, and he threw me in the room. They didn't really care if anyone got beat up here did they? I mustered up some courage, and walked into the room. It was huge! There were books, maps...skulls, candles, and even orb-like things. At the back of the room, there was a desk, and a chair behind it. It was covered in black dimonds. A shiver ran through my back; this room had an bad air to it. I stood there, not sure what to do. I felt like running, but i know that big guard person would be waiting outside the door. Suddenly I heard footsteps come from the small staircase on the side of the room. A man, a very proud man, came down the steps. He looked straight at me. Another shiver ran through me. His eyes were coal black, as was his neat, clean hair. He dressed in a black fighting robe, and gloves covered his hands. His expression was serious and hardened. He had a long scar run through his left eye, continuing halfway down his cheek. My jaw clenched. I wanted to run more than ever. Then he smiled; a deranged crooked smirk was more like it.

    "Welcome. Take a seat." He said, in a suprising soothing tone. He pointed to a chair by the desk. After a bit of thought, I walked over to the chair, and barely sat. I was ready to spring up and run at any moment. "You must be very confused. I will answer all your questions. Ask me anything you'd like." He sat in the big chair and gave me another crooked smile.

    "What do you want from me?" I breathed out.

    "I want you to help me. I want you to fight for our land. It is being overrun by very evil forces. They want to use us as weapons for their use. We wouldn't want that, would we? Will you help us defend ourselfs?" His voice was like a trance. It flowed out like a song. I couldn't help but say yes. "Good, It seems like we are off to a great start. What other questions do you have?" I paused for a moment, trying to thik of something.

    "Am I really a dragon?"

    "Yes, you will be educated on your transformations later." His tone was less patient now.
    "Where am I?"

    "I can't tell you exactly were we are. For precautionary measures. But we call this place Folistah."

    "Can I go home?"


    "So you have kidnapped me. I am a prisoner."

    "We keep you here so you don't get hurt. You need training. We don't want our enemies finding you."

    "No." It occurred to me. "You are lieing." Wow I feel really smart right now.

    "Enough. Leave now." I froze at the harshness in his voice. "LEAVE!" He lifted his hand as to point to the door, but a small blue flame rushed toward me. I screamed and ducked, missing the flame by centimeters. I stood and ran out the door. The guard grabbed me, and took me back to my cell.