• The moon sat upon her throne of hazy, gray clouds as she overlooked the land. There, like an eyesore, stood Czar Baldy Bald IV's castle. It towered above every nearby building, proclaiming superiority over all.

    At the foot of the castle sat a small building. This small, insignificant looking building housed the former czar, his twenty-six generals and all of the ancient hair hunter troops. Inside, it was dark and very creepy. Coffins were everywhere and snakes seemed to wriggle on the floor. The whole building seemed to breathe slowly, as if asleep like the ancient empire it housed.

    In the distance, the lid of a cyrogenic chamber creaked as it opened up. Cold air floated down onto the floor as if being pushed out of the way by the ancient power. A silouhette of a woman stood up out of the chamber and stretched out her arms.
    "What a dream!" She exclaimed. The woman ran her hands through her long, golden hair, revealing pointy elf ears.

    She was a very beautiful elf woman. She looked as if she was made from a treasure trove of the gods. Her flowing gold hair, her eyes were a bright shade of brown, making them look like gold coins. Her skin was fair and bright, her lips were full and pink, she smiled like the dawn on the world. Melting the bad things and replacing them with warmth. She wore a simple white toga, like the Greek women in the Ancient world. Her body was adorned in gold jewlery. She wore earrings, bracelets, anklets, a circlet and a golden bell that hung about her neck. This woman could pass as a relative of Halekulani's.

    The woman looked about her. She counted the chambers that were open and went to read who it was that had awakened.
    "Ringo, Shaina, Jubei, Gorgon." She read their names off as she passed by. "Then these two." She looked down at the chambers. The names on the doors were scratched off.

    An act of vandalism against the Chrome Dome Empire! The woman had to report this to the generals. She turned towards the room where the czar and the generals were slumbering and bumped right into something. She fell back and thought she was going to fall but something caught her about the waist. She looked up into the face of a man she recognized. He had spikey black hair, a pink headband, wore torn clothing and had a calm face with a playful smile. Most of all, he wore the same exact necklace as her!
    "You ought to be careful Gabriel, you might hurt yourself." He said calmly.
    "Thank you. I'll try to be more careful." Gabriel said.

    The man pulled her back up. She happened to look down and see another familiar figure. By the man's feet stood a small gum drop-like creature with arms, legs, little angel wings and a flower on top of its head.
    "Good morning Gabriel." It said happily.
    "Good morning." She laughed. Gabriel was surrounded by friends now, and not just sleeping ones. The memories began to flood her mind until she remembered. "Is Wild Wister still sleeping?" She suddenly asked.
    "No, he left a bit ago to take care of the Hair Kingdom Survivor." The man told her.
    "He won't last long if he went by himself." Gabriel said.
    "Ringo's gang went with him."
    "Those losers." Gabriel retorted. "Should we go after Wild Wister?"
    "Nah. He'll learn that he can't do anything without us." The man smiled down at her, jokingly.
    Gabriel laughed. Friends, such good friends.

    In the hall, they heard footsteps. A man's footsteps.
    "Could it be Wild Wister?" Gabriel whispered to her friends.
    "No, his shoes are different from this guy's." The man whispered. "Hide."

    Gabriel and her friends went in opposite directions to hide. Gabriel dived behind a cyrogenic chamber and peeped over it to see where her friends were hiding. No sign of them. She ducked down just as the stranger stepped into the room.

    The stranger was a tall bald man with a kanji on his forehead. He wore armor but bore no weapons. At his feet was a small, pink octupus. The stranger smiled as he looked about the room.

    Gabriel smiled herself as she saw what was happening. Her friends had snuck up on the man, the little candy creature took the octupus hostage and her other friend charged the tips of his fingers with his aura and held them up to the man's face like a gun. She sat back to watch.
    "Just who are you?" Gabriel's friend asked.
    "I am Czar Baldy Bald IV! I have come to greet you all as you awake from your slumber." The stranger said.
    "Hey! Who wants grilled octupus?" The candy creature asked as he held the octupus over a small fire that he built.
    Gabriel giggled.
    "You can come out Gabriel." Her friend called. She obeyed and stepped out of her hiding place. "So you're the current czar then? I'm sorry." He apologized.
    "Doesn't look very powerful to me." Gabriel remarked as she stepped up behind her friend.
    "Hush." Her friend said nicely to her.
    "Octupus Carl, are you all right?" The czar went to assist his friend, ignoring Gabriel's insult.
    "I'm fine. Just a little crispy." Octupus Carl said.
    "Come. We have much to do. I mean I'm glad you greeted me but there are bigger people to meet. I am just a soldier." Gabriel's friend said.

    He led the way down the hall into a bigger room with twenty-seven cyrogenic chambers in it. One of them was already open.
    "Here is where the czar and the generals that led blocks A-Z are slumbering." He said to the current czar.
    "One of them is gone." The czar said.
    "That one housed Master Wild Wister. He left to take care of the Hair Kingdom Survivor." The man said.
    "That idiot." Gabriel said outloud. Her friend only smiled.

    The czar grinned as if his plan was working out nicely. Only it wasn't his plan at all. This was just coincidence that the former czar and his minions were waking up in the time of need when Bobobo was defeating the empire's best generals.

    'No, Czar Baldy Bald IV, this is our plan. You just happen to be in it.' Gabriel thought to herself.