• A Glass Full Of Lye

    By : Cuite_little_devil

    Its about five in the evening, many of Riley Camp's co-workers had also headed into the evening rush hour to head home to their families. He sat behind the steering wheel, talking sweetly into his cell phone, "Hey baby. Sorry I'm going to be late today," A pause for the lady on the other end to whine.

    "Yeah I know its our anniversary, but I really need to run home and get something. I promise you'll like it."

    Another pause for her voice to speak. "Alright, and look at it this way. I can get your gift and to you faster without the rush hour." He chuckled, "Alright, well I love you lots and I'll see you soon."

    Back home, Riley's wife's smile beamed as she said, "I love you to." Hanging up after a long conversation with her mother. A loud clank behind her caused her to jump and turn to the young boy sitting on the floor banging on a large metal pot with a wooden spoon.

    Kneeling to his level she spoke softly, "Guess what Cain, Your going to grandma's tomorrow." The little boy showed his glee by smacking the pot even more. Hearing the phone ring again she stood and paused looking at the I.D., 'Macey Andrews'. It was a name that she her self didn't know, but then recalled her mother saying that her cousin had found him self a girlfriend.

    So, she answered it expecting to hear Robert's voice, but it was female. "Hi, is this the Camp house hold?" Anita paused, "Hello?"

    "Yes it is, sorry. I was watching the T.V."

    "Oh Um, sorry is this a bad time then?"

    "No, What can I do for you?"

    "I was wondering if you could tell Riley that my dad just called and I can't see him tonight, my grandmother just passed away."

    'See him? What dose this girl have to do with my husband?' She thought, "Sure I can, may I ask who's calling?"
    "Yeah, its his girlfriend Macey." She so boldly answered.

    “Okay then, I'll be sure to tell him that you called.”

    “Thanks, um...”


    “Who are you?”

    “I'm his...” She pause, 'I can't say wife...', “I'm his baby sitter”.

    “Oh, Isn't little Cain a handsome boy? I feel so awful that his mother died in child birth.”

    “Yes, that is quite the tragedy.”

    “Riley says that he looks just like her.”

    “Yeah, Oh...I best let you go so you can go to your families side.”

    “Oh, yes thanks again.”

    “No problem.” She growled through smile hanging up the phone and tossing it across
    the room into the wall, were it fell to the floor and broke. Her eyes shone with a black glossy look of evil, Anita's auburn hair stood on end along her neck, Her teeth bit into her pail rose painted lips, drawing blood as she held back her tears. Just like that many months of anger management and seeing a psychiatrist for her violent mental state came undone.

    “How could he!?We haven't even been married a year!” She shouted turning and slamming her small olive skin toned hands on the marble counter top. Hard enough the sting of pain ran through her nervous system. She even kicked the cabinet near her foot. There was the sound of snapping plastic.

    The loud noise that had been dangerously close had caused little Cain to burst into tears. As if on cue the sound of her child's cry snapped her out of her rage, “Sorry baby. Did mommy scare you?” She questioned going to pull him into her skinny arms, but she felt a tug at the hem of her sweater.

    Turning she noticed that when she had knelt down the gray yarn of the sweater had
    tangled its self on the baby-proofer for the cabinet of cleaning supplies, She went to pull it off and by accident the baby proofer fell, the cabinet door creaked open. Anita then realized she had broke it when kicking the cabinet.

    Gray paint was chipped where the plastic had cut into, and her deep brown eyes fell upon a label, 'Lye'. She recalled it, her husband being a clean freak bought it just to be sure that the counter was well cleaned.

    The look of evil shown in her eyes once again. If her husband thought he could hurt her like this. She would just have to prove him wrong. She picked up baby Cain and walked him to his bedroom and turned on the baby monitor taking the hand held one out to the kitchen.

    She grabbed a pair of yellow rubber gloves that where near the lye and put them on to move the lye up to the counter. Anita then pulled out the milk and filled a glass spooning in the acidic powder. When she felt enough was in the milk she simply dropped the spoon in, the white container it fell over spilling onto the counter top. “Sh-...” She paused mid-sentence.

    Spotting a possibly missing piece to her devilish plan. Fresh home made cookies, chocolate chip cookies. Riley had always had sweet tooth. So to indulge her son, his mother would bring a home made sweet every time she visited which was quite common. And sitting on the counter she spotted some of the chocolate chip cookies that she had brought on her last visit. Riley's normal evening plan was walking through the door sitting down and having a sweet snack. Normally with milk.

    The busy city was far behind him, only the scarcely placed street lights showed his path way home. Turning onto Rosewood street a sudden tightness went around his chest and started to compress tighter and tighter as his home came into view. A auburn haired bride smiling so beautifully wretched his mind. Riley pulled into the drive way. Grasped his brief case and jacket.

    He nearly couldn't breath anymore. His peach colored hand gripped the door knob and he swallowed his guilty secret, preparing to say his usually excuse.

    “Anita, I'm home.” Riley shouted slipping off his shoes walking in to be intercepted by
    his wifes arms.

    “Hi you! How was your day?” She asked pulling away, faking a Standford wife grin and leading him by the hand to the table, were the deadly desserts sat.

    “It was fine,” He felt her venomous wrath through her normally sweet touch. Forcing him by the shoulders into the chair. “Whats up?” Riley asked.

    “Oh nothing, I just thought that you would like this for a surprise.” Anita faked a sweet smile. From behind kissed him on the cheek and asked him a question, “Why did you fall for me?” She asked. Then seeing him grasp the glass of mild and begin to bring it up to his dishonest lips.

    “Well...Probably for how quick of a wit you have, your always very kind, thoughtful, and not to mention pretty good looking.” Upon the end of Riley's answer Anita moved her hand allowing him to take a nice long drink.

    Then, the glass fell to the floor. Riley jumped as Anita moved away. A sadistic grin upon her features, her pupils shrank, her shivering breaths turned into small giggles directed to his pain. his hands motioning to his neck. The sea foam green eyes that Anita once found so charming looked at her in pure terror.

    He couldn't speak, the lye had already started to eat up his mouth and his digestive tract. Blood dripped out from his mouth. “You know what you made me realize, dear?” She hissed. He looked at her, in envy his eyes begging for help. “That true love is nothing but a lye.” She her self then grabbed the milk.

    “You wanna know why I fell for you?” She asked momentarily setting down the glass. Being sure to leave it out of his reach and pushed him on to his back. She gripped the glass and stood in front of him. He spat blood on her. Anita rolled her eyes, as he threw his head back. Grunting in obvious pain.

    “Yeah that wasn't smart...Lets see.” She brought her free hand to her chin and playfully tapped it. “Oh yes. I fell for you for those eyes!” She threw a bit of the milk across Riley's eyes and watched it bubble, eating away at his skin. “How smart you were!” She threw it onto his fore head. Her free hand undid the top buttons of his shirt. “And how nice of a heart you had.” She poured a bit onto his chest.

    Then she stood. “Oh yeah, as a lesson for you,” She poured the rest on his pants. Directly over the zipper. “Don't ever toy with a girls emotions, cheat on her, or give your mistress the house phone number!” With that she left him to in the kitchen.