• There he lay, on the floor. His breath was ragged and uneven.
    " What has happened to you?" I choked out.
    " It's the spell, the side effect. I must die, it is the price I have to pay." He reached his hand up to my face.
    " No, don't. Please." I begged.
    " I love you, remember me." His eyes closed slowly, and his hand dropped from my face. He lay still, and the tears welled up and spilled.

    " Udeous!" I yelled.
    He walked to me. " Yes, Mother Flame?"
    " Send me to the land of the dead. I need to have a word with Otisilus."
    " As you wish." He bowed, and opened the seventh gate, to the land of the dead.
    I stepped through, and walked down a dark and damp hallway. I thought for a moment, thinking of just going as my human form, but thought better of it. I snapped my fingers once, and I grew taller, wearing a tight red satin dress. My hair reached to my thigh, and I wore a crest, made of fire. My golden butterscotch eyes were intent, as I walked, with my black cape billowing out in the breeze. I still had my Katana out with me, ready incase I needed to fight.

    The last percaution was unesesary, but still, just in case. The god was awaiting me at his throne, with the Bloody Baron standing next to him. He noticed me, and smiled.
    " Alright, Mother Flame, you wish to have this young one back. What is the price in which you shall pay?" Otisilus asked.
    " Any. I shall grant you one demand, within my acceptance. You may get a greater kingdom, more dungeons, or whatever. Just let me have what I want. Please."
    " Alright, you may have him. But." An evil sight came into his eyes. " You must bleed onto this paper, which says I can overrule any of the seven realms."
    " No deal. I will only bleed on a contract that which emplies any of the given choices I have said. Also, I must agree to your condition, before I oblige."
    " Alright, I get a bigger realm, and free reign on the others."
    " Otisilus, I will put you in a cage of stardust and dead matter if you do not behave. I can do that, son."

    " You wouldn't dare."
    " I got nothing but nerve, care to try me?"
    " FINE! The man is yours."
    " Behave." I snapped my fingers and that precise cage surrounded him. " For trying to overrule the realms, you shall stay here in this cage untill I feel better about you."
    The baron ran to me, and caught me in a vice-tight hug. " Thank-you!" He whispered.
    " Otisilus, make him alive. Or do you want to see what this cage can do?" I asked in a mocking tone.
    " Fine!" He grumbled, but snapped his fingers.
    I snapped my own fingers, and we were once more into the cave. He didn't stop hugging me.
    " Thank-you, I don't know who would have done that."
    " Then you don't know me well yet, do you?"

    It was only a bit later, after eating once more, that I started to think over what has happened.
    " Did you say something?" He asked me, but he knew that we both had the same hearing, and I didn't say anything. I was only thinking.
    " No. I was thinking about this crazy life, and of how well it has worked out in the end."
    He ran to me, and pressed his lips to mine with an eagerness so big, I felt it. I laughed as he kissed my cheek.
    " That is exactly what I heard! Try thinking something else."
    ' I love you' I thought. and laughed again as he kissed me with more exitement. He kissed hungrily down my jaw.
    " Damn it. I heard you!" He mumbled on my collarbone.
    " That is a very good thing." I sighed.
    " Yes. We got forever to be together."
    " Forever." I agreed.

    And we lived on together in our little forever.

    The End.