• I remember the first time. It was a bloody mess and I had no idea what was going on. Like the nightmares the first time flashed before me, but more real. I was about 10 he had been 14. As always he was already home when i got to the house. That was when mom and dad had started fighting. They both hate confrontation, so they found ways to deal. Dad began working more than needed and mom drank all the time. Tracey, my oh so independent little sister, was as always out and about. When it came to strange siblings we were it. Tracy, even though she was only 7 was smart and much less impressionable then I. It was almost like she was the older sister. Her mind and independence progressed far ahead of her body, while my body progressed ahead of my mind. I was already going through the changes of teenage hood. My boobs needed a bra my baby fat faded away. I was a 10 year old in the body of a 16 year old. I walked in and threw my stuff into my room then sat next to him on the couch.
    "Where is everybody," i asked as i grabbed the remote from his hand.
    "Dad is at work, Trace is staying after school for something which you know and mom went to grandmas for the weekend by the way we're basically alone cause Trace is staying at a friend's house and dad's leaving on business tomorrow." I half listened and half channel surfed. I don't know what came over him, i had never heard him talk like the way he did when he spoke again.
    "You know your beautiful," he paused and i looked at him confused, "I've never seen someone so young yet so sexy and gorgeous, I dream about you about having you in my arms all through the night since we'll be alone i think that can happen." He pulled me into his lap and from that moment he wasn't my brother. In his demented eyes we were lovers and in my eyes I was his sex slave.