• Goosebumps were rising on the back of Demitria's spine, sending cold shivers through her veins. Staring back at her through the mirror was her reflection. Although the reflection looked exactly the way it should, Demitria felt that something was different. And for a couple of seconds, she froze, thinking that she felt the cold breathing against her skin, coming from her reflection. She yearned to move away from the mirror, but every time she attempted to run she would get nowhere; something was making her run in place. She glanced around, gasping at the walls and walls of mirrors that suddenly surrounded her. If it weren't for all the reflections staring back at her, Demitria would have run for her life. Sinking to the ground shaking, Demitria silently prayed that the horror would end.
    Then suddenly, one of the mirrors a little more then ten feet away, broke, sending a loud shattering of glass echoing around the room. Out of the mirror, stepped one of Demitria's reflections. Although it was summer, Demitria felt as cold as if someone had thrown a blanket made of ice over her. Then another reflection came, and another and another, until the whole room was filled with reflections of Demitria. Backed up against the wall instinctively, Demitria whispered, "Don't harm me, please don't harm me." But as if that could do any good. Cold hands seized Demitria's neck spontaneously, and started to squeeze. Frozen with fear and shock, Demitria could only muster silent tears and wide eyes, watching as her reflections came closer and closer.
    "You aren't one of us, Demitria!" The reflections chanted. The cold hands tightened the death grip on her neck, and it started to become harder and harder to breath. After a long, silent, fear-filled moment, everything around her became a dream, and she suddenly felt herself drifting into death.
    "Death is grasping her!" A scratchy voice hissed in satisfaction. twisted
    Her eyelids were closing slowly, and she became afraid that it was true.
    She was going to die. cry