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    Tom was waiting for some of his favorite soup, at a diner he and Mary had found together, 18 years ago, since he left her. He was married to a women named Natalie Elway. Natalie had been a friend of Mary’s, but had always liked Tom. Natalie was still in some-what contact with Mary.
    Tom had heard stories about Kima from time to time.
    Today wasn’t a happy day for Tom, though, as he bit a chunk of meat from his soup. He was going to meet the kid who ruined him and the woman of his dreams getting together. If you read the prologue, you know this is Kima. He imagined Kima to be about 17. Why he agreed to meet Kima was beyond him. He had so much hatred towards the kid.
    As he ate he was smashing up a saltine in one hand, and his arm was dampening a napkin with sweat. Then all of a sudden, a skinny man with blond hair and dressed in rags came in. He went to a waitress.
    “Do you know where I can find Tom Hittock. I’m Kima Hittock,” Kima said.
    “You are not! You are Kima ‘Son of A Whore’ Wiles! How dare you even think to call yourself a Hittock!” said Tom, yelling from his booth, by the door.
    Kima gave sort of an uneven smile, the kind you give when given a gift you don’t want.
    “So you are my long lost-”
    “Don’t you say dad! You aren’t even close to being my son! You are the result of an unfaithful wench! You ruined everything! I only met you to see what kind of a*****e you are! So far you have so many strikes! Calling yourself a Hittock, the uneven smile, and not even able to dress in decent clothes for our meeting.”
    “These are the best I have,” said Kima.