• Rachael’s Point of View

    “Walking out of school now with you will get me suspended, AGAIN!” I whispered angrily to my best friend Viveka while standing in the middle of the hallway during locker break. Though she may seem like a sweet little girl from Scandinavia; in all reality- she’s crazy. Her dark blue eyes, slim figure, small nose, big boobs, and light brown hair almost make us look like twins, but I have extremely pail skin. I never knew why though; most of my family looks more Caucasian then Albino.

    “You can’t back out now; I’ve already hacked into the school’s attendance schedule. We’re both home sick with notes. Do you want to get caught?” She whispered back to me with an ominous smile.

    She did this a lot when I hung out with her. This was her 12th school in 4 years. She sent three principals to the hospital along with two teachers and a classmate. How did this happen you ask? They gave the kids a year to work on a science project, and she came up with a new way to stun people with a can opener and a lighter. She’s like a little MacGyver. The girl strived for trouble, and I loved the rush.

    “How did you even manage that? This isn’t mission impossible.” She glared at me; she knew I knew the answer. She, on top of being a complete and utter genius; is amazing at hacking computers and just about anything. I; on the other hand happen to be an almost compete moron when it comes to complex electrical appliances compared to her.
    She’d scold me for days if I hadn’t said yes to her now, and I did need a break from all the stupid school work. “Fine, I’ll go; but on one condition.” I said eagerly to Viveka. Her eyes widened and I told her “You owe me, big time.”

    “Deal.” She said in a normal tone. I could tell she wasn’t lying. Besides being completely crazy, I know she has always got my back.

    We walked out of the hall way doors and into the stairwell near the main offices. We hid under it. The bell rang for 1st period. Kids flew down the steps, papers floated and a few were on the ground. Soon after the 2nd bell the students cleared the stairwell.

    “No one will hear the doors opening.” She told me as she pointed to our freedom. “We’re good to go.”

    “Why does everything we do seem to be breaking some law, or in danger my life?” I was whispering again.

    “One…Two…Three…RUN!” Viveka yelled, and we both ran out the doors and past the ever so lovely bushes the shape of our school’s initials BRH on the front lawn and into the school’s neighboring woods. The only way away from Benjamin Rooklin High school was through the dark, muddy, and creepy woods. A few meters into the woods we stopped running. Out of breath we sat on a fallen tree and planned our next move as Viveka pulled out her GPS. Another thing about her; she was always prepared. It was as if she could tell the future.

    “We have to get all the way over here.” She said as she dragged her finger across the screen to a place that seemed too far, even for a driving distance. Then said with a reassuring tone “Once we get her-“ She stopped and pointed at a closer location. “We can call my brother and he’ll pick us up here.”

    “Let’s start going then. Lead the way.” I gestured towards where I thought we were heading. She then redirected my arm in almost the complete opposite way, rolled her eyes, and walked forward.

    After a good 30 minutes of walking and simple conversation mostly revolving around cute boys in our school, I asked a little worried “Should we be there by now? Because I don’t see or hear civilization.”

    “We’re just about there. Here stop a minute while I call my brother.” She said holding me back from taking another step. She started dialing a number and pressed send. I could hear the dial tone of the phone. After about 10 seconds he finally picked up, and told her he was on his way. She closed the phone and looked up at me and smiled.

    “So, how long of a wait?” I asked eagerly to get out of the forest. I didn’t care if it was still light out; I had too many nightmares about this place.

    “Afraid of the forest are we? Well I know how to solve that problem.” And before I could say anything she ran.
    I chased after her trying to keep up, but I lost her shortly after she started going zigzag throughout trees. Out of breath, I sat down on a large rock shaped like deformed heart.
    The woods seemed twenty times creepier then before. Everything around me was new; I couldn’t remember which direction I had came from. I was lost. There were no sounds of any animals or cars. I felt pretty pathetic getting lost in the woods while the sun was still out. I had no cell phone, or GPS.
    I soon remembered all the stupid things I learned in Girl Scouts, like the moss thing, and streams flow south. Finding moss everywhere on trees and no water, I again felt hopeless.

    “I wish I was in boy scouts. I bet they could find they’re way out.” I said aloud annoyed.

    I heard laughter above me in the trees. I looked up expecting to find Viveka, but no one was there. “Hello? Viveka? Get your a** down here! …Please?” There was no answer besides ruffling leaves above me. Scared senseless, I ran and ran until I thought I was far away from whatever.