• I never wanted this. These thoughts, these images, all these horrifying creations, swirling, howling, and screeching, whispering in my ear, clawing at my face, arms, and legs. Mommy, oh mommy, why did you have to curse me?
    Who is that little bird, scratching upon my window? Why does it look so sad, its' wing broken by a cat, why oh why did it have to come to me? It should know that I am ill and unable to help, held to my bed by chains and leather straps. Why does it look at me so pleadingly? Can it not tell that I have no way of saving it? Why could it not have gone to the neighbors' window instead of mine?
    Weakly, I lifted my head, my dark black hair falling into my eyes.
    "Go away, little bird. The cat is coming, I can hear her yowls." I said quietly. I had to keep calm, or else the demons would come back. The bird twittered in fear as the cat yowled as loud as she could ad attempted to unfold its' little wing. I sighed and turned my head, not able to bear the thought of seeing the poor little thing being slowly tortured then eaten.
    As I closed my eyes, I felt a soft touch on my face, soft like a pillow, but cold like a glacier.
    I opened one eye and smiled a little.
    "Ah, so its' you." I whispered. A fifteen year old boy in white robes sat at the end of the bed, his skin bright blue, and his eyes even brighter, with cascading ice white hair. I looked at the window again. It was still shut, but the bird was gone, then I looked back at the boy.
    "Oh, you came for the bird?"
    The boy nodded, smiling warmly. He cradled in his arms the little bird with the broken wing, which lay there motionless, color slowly evaporating from its' tiny feathers, the blood disappearing along with it.
    "So the cat caught it?"
    The boy nodded again. Finally, he opened his mouth.
    "Why are they keeping you like this? They call your ability to see through the lies and into the truth a mental illness and so they chain you to a bed, unable to even sit upright?" he asked. His voice sounded like wind-chimes blown gently in a soft wind. I closed my eyes.
    The boy looked at me, his gentle eyes filled with sorrow. He leaned closer, and I got a better look at him. A thin, light blue, heart-shaped face lined with long wavy strands of white hair with wide, glowing ice-blue eyes and thin lips. He was so elegant looking in all of those flowing white robes, blown by an imaginary wind. He reached his hand out towards me, and I noticed how slender his fingers were, with an extra joint, and how smoothly and elegantly he moved, not a single rigid flinch. My eyes, half open, filled with tears and he stroked my face.
    "Shall I set you free from this little prison your own kind has trapped you in?" he asked, smiling. I smiled slightly at that, too.
    "Alright, but, you know, they'll only trap me again."
    "I'll protect you." he said. He slowly kissed me on the forehead. I could feel the blood rushing into my head then. As he pulled back, my heartbeat sped, and the chains and leather straps fell off of me with a loud SNAP! Quickly, he grabbed my hand and pulled me up. Suddenly, he dashed towards the door, and I strained myself to keep up with his long-legged pace. We rushed towards the door and I stumbled twice, and he waved his hand and the door slammed open and he picked up pace. The hallway, doors, and windows rushed past, a mere blur. I saw room XIII flash past and craned my neck to see it, then as I turned around, I screamed.
    Staff members. Lots of them. Big men with giant muscular arms. Orderlies.
    "Out of the way." said the boy, who waved a dismissive hand, as though telling them to move. They cried out, flying aside and into the wall. I cried out again. We were rushing towards a window, and it was the fourth floor.
    My black dress swirled around my legs crazily, and I felt like I was going to trip. The boy quickly wrapped his arm around my waist.
    "Hold unto my neck and don't let go." he said. I did as I was told and held on as tightly as I could.
    And he crashed right through the window. Yet, instead of breaking, the glass rippled like water when we passed through. I felt like I was made of wind as I slipped through the window glass.
    "Don't let go." he said. "I don't want you to fall." I held on tighter and made the mistake of looking down. We were high above the ground, and I could see people walking around busily. I nearly hurled.
    "Its' alright, I won't let you fall." he reassured me. I believed him.