• So.............. i got suspended for the eyedrop thing. Tiffany would'nt tell for her infatuation with me. unfortunately for me, her sheep went to the principal. My mom was okay with it, after i explianed it. Dad just shrugged and said to make up any work i missed. It was four days, and with everyone at school, i had to sit home and play games. It was twelve thirty when Megan threw a apple at me through the window. It must of came from my apple tree because it tasted good when i picked it up and took a bite. Megan is my girlfriend, and she is a troublemaker.
    "What's up And?"
    "should'nt you be in school."
    "I faked a cold."
    "the best liar in the world wins again." She pulled a controller from my drawer and motioned me to scoot over. We played for an hour before mom came to tell me (and warn) that she was leaving for work. A knock on the door sent Megan under the bed and set me to look casual, holding the remote and trying to look like the game was a challenge.
    "Come in." i said nonchalantly. Mom strolled in and closed my window.
    "It's really cold out there Andy."
    "it's seventy degrees mom."
    "exactly." I sat there with a confused look on my face. "well i'm going to work okay?" I would of responded, but Megan started rubbing my foot from under the bed. I laughed like an idiot.
    "you are such a strange kid." mom said before leaving. Megan crawled to me like a goddess. A hot goddess. A freakin' gorgus goddess!
    "You always gotta make it difficult don't you."
    "yeah, but you like it." We kissed.