• I starred blankly at the sky sitting under a sakura tree I sighed to see approaching a girl long red hair in a ponytail her eyes pale yet happy she wore a black dress she stopped feet from me I starred she wasnt pretty or ugly."Oi who died " i asked she frowned " my best friend was killed she drowned " I starred " how do you know she was killed if she drowned " " because i was there !" She bursted into tears I only starred " why didnt you do anything " " I was scared " she cried she looked my age I sighed " get over it " i said " what " she yelled " get over it."
    She looked at me large horro filled eyes and walked to my side she sat "will you be my new best friend " she asked with a small smile " sure whatever " she grabbed my palm " friends till the end " she yelled happily I had a bad feeling this was gonna end in pain.The days went by me and the girl gottten closer i never learned her name but it didnt matter we meet every day beneath the sakura tree.I sat the sun barly out " today is going to be cool " i mumbled " oi katsuo " i heared my name be called and looked to see the girl I starred she smiled.
    " I found a cool forest "she said taking my hand i realized the second day we meet she was blind I got up " do you know where it is " I asked " yup I remebered by heart " so i followed her into a dark forest thick trees the grass moist the air cold." Girl are you sure you-" " positive " she yelled happily I nodded we stopped at a cliff " look whats down there " she said I nodded walking i looked down i had to squint to see bodies my eyes widen in horror." Girl there are are AHHHH " I was pushed down " bye bye " she yelled I closed my eyes ready for impact.
    My body acked i think my arms were broken i got up in pain to see the bodies all decayied I felt my stomach turn I looked away to see a forsest entrance and ran into it I began walking.Hours must've pasted my legs in pain my feet cold I barefooted I breathed heavily my body weak I could see an opening so ran to see the village and to har a scream from the girl.She knew I was gone and alive so I ran faster to see shou a muscular blacksmith " SHOU " I yelled " what the katsuo what happen " he yelled helping me into the shop I sat " a girl she she killed " I felt myself go uncounice to see run in my horro she held a blade i felt something wet hit my face.
    To see Shou's neck lashed I felt a sting in my stomach " d-damn " I murmured the girl laughed " best frined till the end " she yelled blood on her face she looked crazed I looked away to fall uncounice......

    to be continued TT,TT