• a month has passed and well,i really miss mom.she passed away 3 weeks ago and you could say that im not the happiest camper alive.i look like crap and i had forgotten that i even hd tear ducts.i dont even think im ever going t ostop crying.it suck to think about mom not being here for christmad or my birthday next month. i really miss her.
    and the sterling house is not a plesant place right now.but now i live in portland oregon.the cecond most dreadful place on earth.its cold,i have no friends,and i drive a yellow beetle or otherwise know as a volkswaggon or something.i hate this car!-WHY DAD WHY?- Michael is sending me to school already.why is it soo cold????i feel like a bleached shirt mixed in with a bunch of colored ones.the only thing i hope about this school that its notmall about cliques!ok dad said to go toth left when i got to the light.OH!how could i miss it,its so in my face.as i pulled into the parking lot i noticed that its empty.alright,i have to find mrs.Lee in the main office to get my class schedual.i walked quicklyto the office and got my stuff. i was offered a tour of the school and i took the option.as we were walking down the hall i saw him.Mrs.Lee introduced us.His name was Jasper Madison. his long shaggy hair,pale skin,he was so perfect!even if we did have the same shioes on.he look so graceful.he was my perfect guy.Mrs.Lee asked me to introduce myself,but as soon as i said the first syllable of my name he stormed off with spped and aggretion.what had caused his attitude??she reassured methat i would see him some time during the school day.she was telling me that we had 5 out of 8 classes together so i would see him plenty.i MUST confront him!i was so furious over nothing,what has come over me?what oculd i have done to cause him to do that?after the tour i had plenty of time to meet people. i was just walking down the halls when a guy came up to me"hey,your that new girl,right??""yeah"i replied not realy paying attention to what he was saying i was focused on finding my classes and being able to get there on time."im Ducan""Alice". Duncan was a different kind of person once i tok a second to look at him.he had 12 peircings,lloked like a trouble maker,but i dont think he is.i walked away but he followed.he was talking,and i was pretending to listen,then ouyt of nowhere he asked me to be his friend.stupidly i responded"why im just another person???"he calmy said"its just that,well i dont have alot of friends and i just wanted to hve one that see to be really interesting!''