• This happened 1937 when the light and darkness crosses and started a war. But ounce the darkness was to pwerful there was a wish from the angel imp,and the wish had fallen down to earth and it was a powerful dragon.But then the darkness was losing so under there feet appeared the most powerful darkness creature after all the light and dark minions have died there was still 1 minion the most powerful minion the angel imp.But the shadow spirit caught the angel imp and put him in a dome.But the shadow spirit had forgotten about the dragon that was summoned by the angel imp.So the angel imp summoned the dragon onuce more to help him.But ounce the shadow spirit remembered the dragon the shadow spirit put traps all around the angel imps cage.But the dragon was very clever he knew that there would be traps.But ounce he found the angel imp the dragon was so happy he was safe that he forgot all about the traps.So the dragon went to the cage but ounce the dragon touched it, it got shocked and it died.But the angel imp all of a sudden started to glow and somehow he brung the dragon back to life!So the dragon woke up with the shadow spirit behind it.the angel imp was warning the dragon but the glass was to thick to even here a dinosaur roar.So the shadow spirit jumped the dragon.But the dragon was to slick it got away.The shadow spirit was very frustrated so he used the most powerful darkness move called shadow ball.The dragon was in front of the dome the angel imp was in.So the shadow spirit shot the shadow ball but the dragon was so quick he dodged it and it hit the dome so the angel imp was free. But the shadow spirit had enough of the angel imp so he threw the angel imp in the incinerator and in half a second there was powder coming out of the incinerator the angel imp had put a tiny shield around it’s tiny head and body. But the shadow spirit ripped off the wings and poorly the angel imp passed away. So the dragon was very very mad so he had the strongest light move called last resort. So the Shadow spirit shot the shadow ball and the dragon shot the last resort .(last resort is abunch of very very and hot stars) When the last resort hit the shadow ball it blew the roof off and it was very sunny. So the dragon knew the shadow spirit was hiding in one of the shadows. So the Dragon shot 1000 last resorts in the sky trying to aim at all the shadows. But what the dragon had forgotten about its very own shadow. (Which was were the shadow spirit was hiding. So the dragon turned around and the shadow spirit got up and used the most powerful shadow ball ,he used all his might and shot it the dragon had died. The Shadow spirit had thought that he had won the war but he was wrong........ If you had remembered the angel imp was the most powerful imp in the universe. The angel imp still had a lot of energy when the shadow spirit had ripped its wings off ,he didn’t really die he faked dying so ounce the angel imp found the shadow spirit and with all his might he used last resort and finally killed the evil shadow spirit! The angel imp healed the dragon and all of there friends, and the dragon had buried the shadow spirit deep in the center of earth.

    The End