• The window was left a crack open, allowing the wind to blow the curtains behind Aila's window seat.The room was left in a dead silence,so silent, you could hear a wasp walking on a window pane. Aila arose and flipped on her light switch.She hopped out of bed and approached her window seat. Gazing outside at the cold,still air ,a tear slowly traveled down her cheek. She got up, and got back to bed, crying herself to a lulling sleep. Her life was miserable. No one liked her, but she was kind of happy. She was leaving tomorrow, to a private school. New people, to not know what a freak she was.

    The sound and breeze of wind woke up Aila. She trudged to her window and shut it. She had to wake up in five minutes anyways."Aila, you up?" Her mothers voice called.
    "Yes mom!" Aila muttered loudly. She changed into skinny jeans, a white shirt, and a black and white pinstriped trench coat. She was already wearing socks, so she slipped on her converse.She walked down the dim hallway to a room full of light and smells of crepe's sausage, toast, eggs,and cinnamon buns."Mom, this is nice! Why go all out for breakfast?"
    Aila questioned. It's just breakfast."Did I explain why I asked you to pack your stuff?"
    Her mom said, firing back a question."Because otherwise my room would be a mess?"
    Aila responded."No, your school, is a boarding school,three and three quarters of an hour away..."
    "WHAT!!! I got up at six in the morning to drive four hours away!?"
    "We have to leave in fifteen to twenty minutes Aila, It is a long drive, sleep on the way!"
    "Mom, you could have told me!"
    "I was afraid you would say no!"
    "Maybe I would but you would make me go there anyways!"
    "I... no I would make you go, you are right, now eat we have to take off soon."
    Aila ate in silence. this was the last eighteen and a half minutes at home.

    Aila woke up.
    "What mom are we there?"
    "Almost, we are a few minutes away. I called the school. I don't drop you off there.
    I drop you off at this one building, and we settle some registration stuff...
    then you take your stuff and board a bus that drives a half an hour or so away.
    It takes you to the school."
    "What, Mom! That is so stupid. cant you just drive me to the school?"
    Aila was appalled.
    "Well Aila, they said that its the front gates of the school, its just that big of a school and I am sure you would not want to walk acres of land.Plus I have no idea were the school is honey!"
    Aila did not respond. This wasted a few minutes and she saw beautiful scenery outside that lead up to a big building with an embroidered gate.
    The car stopped.
    "This is it Aila.Were here."
    They unbuckled and got out.
    Aila's Mom helped her get out four bags, Aila's:
  • backpack
  • Messenger bag
  • Suitcase
  • Suitcase with an attachment bag

    Aila had the bags, and her mom had the paperwork.
    The lady asked.She was a Marilyn Monroe lookalike, only more of a chocolate blond.
    "Aila, need a last name?"
    Aila's mom asked
    "Okay, hand me her birth certificate copies, student I.D and paperwork packet we sent you"
    Her mom handed it over.
    "You are all set kid, you see the man over there, in the red bellhop suit? Go over to him and show him this, it is your new student card,its special for this school."
    Aila took a big breath, took the card and hugged and kissed her mom goodbye.
    "Love you Aila!"
    Her mom shouted.
    "Love you too!"
    Aila shouted back.
    Aila showed the bellhop guy the card.
    He opened the gates and whispered
    "That green bus, over there."
    "Thanks."Aila whispered back.
    She approached the bus and boarded it.
    The driver looked like Robert Pattinson.
    Oh crap, good thing he had Grey hairs, she did not like that guy.
    The bus driver told her "Pick a seat, There are cubbyholes with straps there to put your bags, enjoy the ride!" He sounded like Bernie mac.
    Aila chose a seat, in the mid back.
    She put her bags in place, got comfortable and sat down, fastening her seat belt.

    "Hey there!"
    A sort of short girl chanted a she plopped down next to Aila," I am Gracelynn!"