• Summer was far along in its conquest for death, streams ran dry, flowers shriveling into a dark mass of crispy dead pedals, and the air sucked dry of all liquid. Far ahead was an ocean of yellow grass reaching past the average waist, the light breezes allowing waves to travel across the vast plane which seemed to blend in at the horizon with the cloudless blue sky. The only other motion were three large birds, vulture looking, circling high above, seldom diving down at what could possibly be a rotting carcass.

    It was peaceful here, a place for a man to escape the worries of work, women and whores. A place where you could sleep for years and not notice, or care for that matter. Where all was silent, a place for your mind to wonder in any direction in places with out your consent or question, it was another being with in your body and you had no choice of how it acted or the question it asked.

    But in the moment a vulture dove down all changed in that peaceful land, the place that no man knew of but one, a cold frozen hearted man named Malic. The wind began to pick up, becoming violent thrashing the straw grass around whipping it in every direction to cut the exposed skin. The bright blue sky added colors of purple and green, mixing together like a nasty storm about to explode destroying everything in its path, to sweep it down to the bare earth, to the original skin of the world.

    The bird that dove down never seemed to have returned to the sky with his fellow brothers who now had taken flight away as fast as possible to saver air. The carcass that once held the soul of a dead buffalo had left long ago now dwelling maggots and flies. The vulture lay by its side, legs contorted in every direction, with wings flat out, and its beak wide open with hollow eyes staring up at the exploding sky. The flies that surround the body of the torn apart buffalo twitched flying away and returning in a systematic pattern until they no longer returned, or for that matter lived.

    The long grass that had not flattened around the weight of the buffalo turned black and shriveled under the weight and gravity of itself, the small circle slowly spread out creating a larger and larger circle around the two dead beings. The creature that once lived weeks ago stirred, the mouth that hung open with no tongue snapped open and shut, vacant eye sockets and large organs misplaced, taken by wolves and birds. The hooves that had begun to break down slowly moved trying to hold its weight again but struggled to move or get up at all.

    The poodle like fur that was still left around the shoulders and hind quarters melted off hot skin, that now let off an even stronger pungent smell of rotting flesh, the muscle that was left below the skin that now only remained as a puddle bubbled like it was boiling, denigrating into a gooey mess only to add to the puddle of rotting flesh, all that was left were the bones, now sinking into the large pool, disappearing below its surface.

    The bird that lay next was nearly engulfed, its head only remaining above the thick surface. With in the mess of flesh, muscle and bone emerged a hand, like a zombie escaping the grasps of the earth. Then more an arm came, another hand, chest, stomach, face, hair, legs until the cold hearted man was no longer alone. He was now with one that had no emotions, one that had no problem in killing anyone who was in his way, including family. Who doesn’t remember who he used to be and doesn’t care because of the powers he has acquired through his absence and destruction of others. His hands stretched out, and closed in on themselves as if he was getting used to the feeling of having a body again. The cold eyes that were sunk far into his head looked down at the bird now nearly and completely covered in goo, his large but “gentle” hands reached down and picked it up, but it was no longer large and ugly as the vulture was. What remained was Eric, his red eyes burning with intensity and hate for this place, ready to taste more blood between his razor beaks.

    The world that was so peaceful now only held destruction at its finger tips, afraid to move or live. The large ocean was now nearly a black gulf, the light brown soil turning a dark green, it was like poison running through the veins of the earth destroying everything it touched and wouldn’t stop until the entire world was consumed in its death hold, where you could no longer grow crops to feel the people of the universe or animals. So the population slowly died off except for the ones who could survive and move on to a new world where they would prosper until the poison found them again causing them to move on crowing the only other worlds that were left until the poison reached every single world and there would be nothing left.